Bet on Numbers is a variation of an online lottery. Any online casinos offer the game to its players. But the live version is not the game that you will often find included in the game selection of live casinos. Thanks to Ezugi, you can play the game in many live casinos including Lilibet.

The game offers attractive payouts allowing an unlimited number of players who can wager in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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About Bet On Numbers

Bet on Numbers is like playing the lotto, you have to wager on the result of a draw. The simple character of the game makes it very popular. In the live version, Ezugi offers live stream video in HD quality for the players to follow the lottery thoroughly. The game has a 24/7 broadcasting schedule, anyone can access the game anytime.

How to Play Bet On Numbers Online?

Bet on Numbers bets are categorized as Number Bets, Colour Bets, and Sum Bets. Each category has a different payout table and a risk rate. The players can bet on single numbers of the combination of the categories. For the one who wants higher winning odds, multiple betting tickets are suitable.

Bet On Numbers Rules

Bet on Numbers uses 49 red and white balls, numbered from 1 to 49, on every draw. There are three betting categories—Bets on Numbers, Bets on Colors, and Bets on Sums. These groups are divided further into specific bets.

Bets On Numbers outcomes award different multipliers. You can bet on the Selected number that will appear, or will not appear, or you can bet on two selected numbers. You can select a maximum of 4 numbers.

Bets On Colors cover the color of the drawn balls used in the draw. You can bet on all reds, all whites, the first two balls are drawn are red and some alike combinations.

The bets On Sums category covers whether or not the sum of the drawn balls’ values will exceed a certain number. The options are:

  • The Sum of drawn balls is below 120
  • The Sum of drawn balls is below 135
  • The Sum of drawn balls is over 155
  • The Sum of drawn balls is over 170
  • The Sum of drawn balls is over 65

Bet On Numbers Outcomes and Payouts

Bet On Numbers maximum payout — if four of the numbers you picked appear during the draw, you will get the highest payout of 2,000 times your bet.

Bets On Colors— If betting on the first three drawn balls having the same color wins, the payout in this category is 60 times the stake.

Bets On Sums— The bet options range from 2x to 4x multipliers.

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Where to Play Bet On Numbers for Real Money

Ezugi did a good job in crafting and bringing this lottery-based game to the online live casino community. With simple rules and user-friendly controls, anyone can test their luck on numbers by playing the game today. You can also play the world’s best online Live Casino games by Ezugi in a user-friendly interface, real-time interaction, side bets, HD quality, and bonus bets in Lilibet!

Enjoy playing your favorite games with a lucrative bonus at one of the top-rated online casinos—Lilibet! You can also try many of the exclusive Live games from the best software providers. To get started, you can play Bet On Numbers, and go on with amazing casino games alongside other bonuses and VIP programs and discover more about the Lilibet Kingdom.

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