Blackjack is the most popular card game for a very long time. The game has many variations. Some of them have unusual rules and innovative features, while others are simply good old-fashioned blackjack games.

About Blackjack

With online casinos, Blackjack has been the star of the live dealer games with its crisp graphics, intuitive gameplay, and overall authentic experience. So how are you going to play this awesome blackjack game with real money? Read on.

How to Play Blackjack Online?

For anyone who’s new to blackjack, it’s highly recommended that you start with online blackjack first. The online casino software is a very good guide for players who are not experienced in playing the game.

You need to begin with choosing how much money you want to bet on a hand. The available betting ranges all depend on the casino you’re playing at. When you finish your bet, you can click “Deal” button to receive your cards. When you got your cards, Hit, Stand or Double Down options will pop. If you’re dealt a pair, you’ll also have the option to Split. Select an option and, the software will deal the cards to you and the dealer. When the hand is finished, the outcome of the hand will be revealed and you will either be paid money or have your bet taken. If you prefer to play more, select “Rebet” option, which bets the exact same amount on the next hand. Provided you want to wager yourself, you need to manually do it.

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack rules are fundamental and they do not differ from casino to casino. Most of the large scale casinos have very similar rules – usually matching those in Vegas or A.C.

Basic Blackjack Rules:

  • The goal is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21.
  • Face cards are worth 10. Aces are 1 or 11— whichever makes a better hand.
  • Each player starts with two cards, one of the dealer’s cards is hidden until the end.
  • To ‘Hit’ means asking for another card. To ‘Stand’ means holding your total and end your turn.
  • If you go over 21 you bust the dealer wins regardless of their hand.
  • If you are dealt 21 from the start (Ace & 10), you got a blackjack.
  • Blackjack usually means you win 1.5 the amount of your bet.
  • Dealer will hit until their cards total 17 or higher.
  • Doubling is like a hit— you only get one more card.
  • Split can be done when you have two of the same card – the pair is split into two hands. This also doubles the bet, because each new hand is worth the original bet.
  • You can only double/split on the first move, or first move of a hand created by a split.
  • You cannot play on two aces after they are split.
  • You can double on a hand resulting from a split, tripling or quadrupling you bet.

These are the very basic rules on Blackjack. There are different variations of Blackjack and each game has some very different strategies. Before you start playing you can do a demo round and get accustomed to the rules and play strategy.

Blackjack Outcomes and Payouts

In Blackjack, your ultimate goal is to have a higher hand total than the dealer without going over 21. But when the dealer ends up with 17 and you have 18, you win. But if you both have 17, you push (or tie) unless you are playing a variation of blackjack where the dealer wins certain ties.

Here are some examples:

Dealer=17, you=18, you win.
Dealer=17, you=17, you push (tie).
Dealer=17, you=16, you lose.

If you bet £5 and you win, the dealer will pay you £5. This means the dealer will place a £5 chip next to your bet.
If you bet £5 and lose, the dealer will take your £5 chip.
If you push (tie), nothing happens. Your £5 bet remains in the betting circle. You can leave it there, add to it, or remove it and not play.

Where to Play Blackjack for Real Money?

Enjoy playing your favorite blackjack variants with a lucrative bonus at one of the top-rated online casinos—Lilibet! You can also try many of the exclusive blackjack games from the best software providers. To get started, you can play Classic Blackjack, and go on with Gold Series to discover more about the game.

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