Blackjack Party is a live blackjack presented by Evolution Gaming. The game is categorized as a low-stake game. The game is run by two people. A dealer and a co-presenter who’s main focus are obviously on entertaining the players. The game can be played by seven players. It has rich betting features and the main can place side bets such as 21+3, Perfect Pairs, and Bet Behind including double down, insurance, splitting pairs, and pre-decision.

About Blackjack Party

Blackjack Party is presented by Evolution Gaming The game has 7-seats and it is hosted by two dealers. One of them is dealing out cards while the other acts as a presenter. The game is played with 8 decks and the dealer stands on 17.

How to Play Blackjack Party Online?

Blackjack rules apply to the party version, but we can mention some features that might be useful for you before you start playing.

Players can double down on any two initial cards and split cards of the same value. When the dealer shows an Ace and pays 2:1, insurance is offered.

Maximum seven players can join the game but if all seats are taken, one can use Bet Behind option and share the outcome of the other player’s hand. When the seated player doubles down, you can also double your bet to cover both hands or bet on the right hand only when they split.

During the gameplay, video feed takes over the entire screen, you can have access to all features such as audio and video controls, game rules and settings on the menu. There is also a feature called Pre-decision allowing you to make your decision before it’s your turn to play.

Blackjack Party Rules

As we have stated before, the Blackjack Party is not as different as the other Blackjack tables – your cards must be closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards. This is a low-stake live game and bets vary from £5 to £1000, making the game suitable for both professionals and starters.

There is a large winning potential of the Blackjack Party. If you are an awaiting player we recommend you bet behind the ‘hot’ players that are on a winning streak. If you are a seated player you can also bet behind other seats.

Blackjack Party Outcomes and Payouts

There are two side bets in Blackjack Party. The first one is The Perfect Pairs Side Bet, that will be winning if the initial hand dealt with a player consists of two cards of the same suit, colour or both. The second bet is a little bit more specific and it’s known as 21+3 – you win if your first two cards combined with the dealers’ first card make up any of the five combinations: Flush (5:1), Straight (10:1), Three of a Kind (30:1), Straight Flush (40:1) or Suited Trips (50:1). Don’t forget you can also Bet Behind any seat.

Blackjack Party: The min and max bet limits are $5 and $1,000.
Bet Behind: The min and max are $0.50 and $100.
21+3 side bet: The min and max bet limits are $1 and $250.
Perfect Pairs: $1 and $500.

Blackjack Party pays 3 to 2, while best hand and insurance bets pay 1 to 1.
Supported side bets— Perfect Pairs is paying between 6:1 and 25:1, 21+3 pays up to 100:1 based on the player’s two initial cards and the dealer’s up card.

This game has an RTP of 99.64%,

Where to Play Blackjack Party for Real Money

Blackjack Party by Evolution Gaming is a real treat for players who seek fun. The dealer and the co-presenter provide the players with top-notch service and a fun atmosphere. Evolution Gaming is already famous for its Blackjack games and Blacjack Party experience makes the provider more popular. Anyone wishing to try Blackjack Party should expect to be in a casino that is nothing less than perfect.

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