Online blackjack is arguably the most popular live casino game of all time, and the blackjack rules are actually super simple. Players have great control over their fate and the gameplay is fast and entertaining.

Do you want to learn how to play blackjack and win real money? Let Lilibet teach you the blackjack rules and offer a few free super tips for playing this incredibly popular live casino card game.

History Of Blackjack 

While the origin of blackjack is arguably up for debate, most researchers and historians agree that blackjack most likely originated in French casinos during the 18th century. Another popular theory is that the blackjack card game was invented by the Romans due to their love of gambling. French card games made their way to North America in the 19th century – in particular in New Orleans in 1820 – and by the middle of the 20th century, 21 had officially become blackjack in Vegas. 

The blackjack card game had become what it is today including side bets and the blackjack payout – 21 with an ace and face card.

Blackjack Rules Every Beginner Should Know 

Blackjack is one of the easiest casino card games to play at live casino sites online. The basic blackjack rules are quite simple to understand, and players can influence the results far more than some other live casino games like roulette. You can certainly have fun and win real money with some basic blackjack rules that every beginner should know. 

  • Hit or stand – this is the biggest decision you’ll need to make when playing blackjack online. After the initial deal of two cards, the player will be asked to take a card or stick with what they have. The basics of how to play blackjack are you want as close to 21 as possible without going over (bust). So, if you are dealt 3 and 6 (9), you’ll probably want to “hit” and receive another card. Say you’re given a 10 – your score now being 19 – you’ll then want to “stand” and keep that score. 
  • Beat the dealer – new players need to remember that you only need to beat the dealer’s hand, not any other player. So, don’t focus on the hands of other players too much.
  • Blackjack – the best possible hand you can get is a blackjack. Rather than a simple 21 made of any cards, blackjack is 21 on the initial deal – it’s only possible with an Ace and a face card (K, Q, J). Some live casino sites will pay out an extra bonus if your blackjack contains the Ace of Spades and a black-colored jack. 
  • 1 and 11 – the ace can be valued as 1 or 11, depending on the value of the other card/s. If you have a high-valued card, your ace will likely be considered as a 1. However, if you have a low-valued card, you’ll consider it an 11. Sometimes an ace can be revalued if you go over 21 and its reduction would reduce your score below 21.
  • Dealer rules – so you are playing against the dealer and the dealer does have to follow some rules. First of all, the dealer will only have 1 card revealed on the initial deal and you won’t see the 2nd card until all players have completed their turn. Secondly, the dealer must hit until they reach a score of 17 and they must stand on 17 or above.


How To Make Money Betting Playing Blackjack 

Now the reason you are here. Everybody plays the blackjack card game to win real money. With some solid strategy and the right amount of luck, there is plenty of money to be made playing at a live casino like Lilibet. 

There is a basic blackjack strategy that new players can follow to try and increase their chances of winning while playing live casino blackjack online – think of it as the Lilibet blackjack cheat sheet! another 

  • When to stand – stand if you have a 12 – 16 and the dealer’s card is anything between 2 – 6. The blackjack strategy here is that with a potentially low hand, the dealer will need to take multiple cards and potentially go bust. 
  • Hit on 17 – this blackjack strategy is up for debate but most blackjack dealers at an online live casino will suggest the blackjack basic strategy of hitting on 17 when the dealer has 7 or more. The theory being that the dealer will likely end up on 17 or more, so the player will need a higher score. However, there are some blackjack experts that argue you’ll win more if you stand on 16 when the dealer has 7 or more – the choice is yours.
  • Aces and 8’s – another very common blackjack strategy is to split your aces and 8s. Splitting can be done when your dealt cards are of the same value. You can then play to separate hands. Aces and 8s are the most valuable split possible.

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