It’s the festive season and a time for giving. At Lilibet Casino, we thought a €400,000 prize pool would raise some Christmas cheer. The wonderful folks over at Booongo Gaming – known for cross-platform casino gaming and regular casino tournaments – have launched the perfect build-up to Christmas and the New Year! 

Join us at Lilibet Casino to win prizes in the Festive Fireplace tournament by Booongo Gaming. Read on to learn which Booongo slots you’ll need to play and how you could win a share of the monstrous prize pool.

About Booongo Slot Tournament

The Booongo Gaming Festive Fireplace tournament sees players netting points for winning slot spins. There are 4 distinct tournament rounds played over the course of the tournament – Jungle Wins, Xmas Gifts, NY Golden Hugs, and Tiger Hangover. Each only lasts a little over a week, so you’ll want to get cracking to win prizes! 

During Jungle Wins, players will receive 1 point for every €1 won from a qualifying spin and 1 point for a 1x multiplier win. Throughout Xmas Gifts, points are assigned based on the highest single-round multiplier wins. For NY Golden Hugs, players once again receive a point per € won and a point for each 1x multiplier win. Finally, during Tiger Hangover, players with the highest multiplier and highest payouts receive points. 

How To Join the Tournament

To join the Booongo casino games tournament, you must first be registered at Lilibet Casino. Registration is simple and only requires a few basic details. Once your account is ready and funded using a popular betting payment method like Paysafecard

You only need to play a qualifying Booongo slots game to enter. Do so and you’ll be added to the leaderboard. Every qualifying spin will work towards reaching the top and can take you one step closer to a top prize. 

Tournament Terms & Conditions

The Booongo casino slots tournament features several stages, but the terms and conditions remain constant throughout the full length of the Booongo tournament. Here are the T&C’s that apply to all stages of the Festive Fireplace Booongo Tournament:

  • Booongo holds the right to cancel the tournament for the indefinite term without any payments according to the leaderboard in cases of emergency. 
  • Only qualified players can claim the prize
  • Only real money rounds count towards the tournament – no demo play.
  • Each player will get a personal tournament ID for the leaderboard
  • There are no costs to enter other than the price of the spin.
  • Malfunction voids all payouts.
  • Tournament rules can be changed anytime.
  • If two or more players are tied, those who get results earlier are the ones who get better prizes. 

Games You Can Play

Often when you see a big prize pool like this, you can only play 2 or 3 games. But the Festive Fireplace prize pool tournament has a massive number of Booongo slots to choose from. The qualifying slots do vary a little between the different tournaments, so we’ve identified which Booongo slots qualify for each stage.

  • Jingle Wins: 02.12.21 – 11.12.21 (0:00 UTC – 23:00 UTC)

Golden Dancing Lion, Candy Boom, Gold Express, Lord Fortune 2, Sun of Egypt 2, Hit the Gold, 15 Dragon Pearls Magic Apple, Sun of Egypt, Dragon Pearls, Aztec Sun, 3 Coins, Wolf Night, Scarab Temple, Tiger Jungle

  • Xmas Gifts: 16.12.21 – 25.12.21 (0:00 UTC – 23:00 UTC)

Buddha Megaways, Black Wolf, Candy Boom, Book of Sun Multichance, Book of Sun Choice, Book of Wizard, Sun of Egypt 2, Hit the Gold, Magic Apple, 15 Dragon Pearls, Gold Express, Dragon Pearls, Sun of Egypt, Aztec Sun, 3 Coins 

  • NY Golden Hugs: 30.12.21 – 08.01.22 (0:00 UTC – 23:00 UTC)

Buddha Megaways, Black Wolf, Candy Boom, Gold Express, Hit the Gold, Sun of Egypt 2, 15 Dragon Pearls, Magic Apple, Sun of Egypt, Dragon Pearls, Aztec Sun, Wolf Night, Scarab Temple, Wolf Saga, Pearl Diver

  • Tiger Hangover: 31.01.22 – 22.01.21 (0:00 UTC – 23:00 UTC)

Buddha Megaways, Black Wolf, Candy Boom, Tiger Jungle, Tiger Stone, Sun of Egypt 2, Hit the Gold, Magic Apple, 15 Dragon Pearls, Gold Express, Wolf Night, Sun of Egypt, Aztec Sun, Scarab Temple, Lord Fortune 2.

Tournament Prize Pool

The total prize pool over the Booongo Gaming network is €400,000. That prize pool is broken down into the following brackets:

  • Jingle Wins – €50,000
  • Xmas Gifts – €100,000
  • NY Golden Hugs – €200,000
  • Tiger Hangover – €50,000

Where To Participate Online

There are a number of online operators participating in this tournament but the best place for Booongo casino games is Lilibet Casino. Lilibet Casino is fully participating in the Booongo Gaming Festive Fireplace slots tournament. You can easily enjoy loads of Booongo casino games and be in with a chance at nabbing some of that massive €400,000 prize pool!

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