If you’re into sports betting or love your football, you’ve probably heard of Bundesliga. Some of the best sports betting sites in the world offer exciting markets for this premier German football league. The Bundesliga scores are coming in and Lilibet has plenty of competitive football betting odds to get you in the game! 

What Is the Meaning of Bundesliga? 

Bundesliga literally translates to “federal League” and the Bundesliga is the number 1 football league in Germany. Founded more than 50 years ago, the Bundesliga has seen 56 clubs compete with Bayern Munich winning the top title 30 times. Not just big in Germany, the Bundesliga is also one of the best leagues in Europe, even named 4th in the UEFA league coefficient for European performances. 

Bundesliga The Most Successful Team of All Time 

Current Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich are, by far, the most successful of all the Bundesliga teams. Bayern Munich has powered to 31 national titles, 20 national cups, and has also won a collection of European titles such as the UEFA Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and UEFA Super Cup. Not only is Munich the most successful of all the Bundesliga teams, but the club is also among the most successful in Europe.

That success has led Bayern Munich to be the largest football club in Germany and the 3rd highest-earning football club in the world. You’ll regularly see this club netting positive Bundesliga results and they are always a favorite of the football betting odds of the best sports betting sites online. 

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Bundesliga Top Scorers

Like any other major football competition in the world, there is a top scorer trophy each season.  The trophy, known as the “Kicker top scorer cannon”, has been won by several multiple winners. As you can imagine Bayern Munich players have topped the Bundesliga top scorer list many times.  

Bayern Munich player Gerd Müller has won the most Bundesliga top scorer awards with 7. Further asserting the club’s dominance, Polish striker Robert Lewandowski has won the Bundesliga top scorer award for the 4 years running whilst representing Bayern Munich. Football betting odds are strong on Lewandowski as he scored a record-breaking 41 goals on his way to the 2020/21 Bundesliga top scorer. 


Bundesliga Betting Odds 

The Bundesliga fixtures are available, and the season officially kicked off back in August. With Bayern Munich once again defending champions, the best sports betting sites have released their football betting odds. Based on the football betting odds at Lilibet, the most popular football betting tips may seem a little obvious. 

lilibet sportsbook bundesliga-odds

With each of the Bundesliga teams having played 4 Bundesliga fixtures each so far, we can see some positive starts already. VFL Wolfsburg has posted the best Bundesliga results with 4 from 4 but Bayern Munich is right behind them with 3 wins and 1 draw. Unsurprisingly, the favorite in terms of football betting odds for the Bundesliga top scorer is Robert Lewandowski – 4 Bundesliga fixtures in and he tops the Bundesliga scores with 6 goals. 

Where To Bet on Bundesliga Matches and Win?

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