The 59th Bundesliga season is officially underway with over a month of play in Germany. The most successful Bundesliga team in history, Bayern Munich are the current defending champions and are looking poised for another fantastic season. 

To make sure all our favorite punters are on top of this season’s action, we’ve prepared a Bundesliga fixtures guide, featuring our top football betting tips and Bundesliga stats so far. 

Bundesliga Fixtures 2021/22 

With the 2021/22 Bundesliga fixtures already underway, the best way to find out when your preferred Bundesliga teams are playing is by heading to the Lilibet website. Not only will you find the Bundesliga fixtures at Lilibet, but you can see Bundesliga results too. That way, you’ll be in the right place to start sports betting after seeing the previous week’s Bundesliga scores. 

2021/22 Season Bundesliga Statistics & Teams 

In only 90 matches so far, Bundesliga teams have produced some rather interesting stats. They certainly paint a picture of the season to come and can already influence betting decisions for the upcoming Bundesliga fixtures.

Here are the key stats from the Bundesliga season so far.

  • Bayern Munich dominance – unsurprisingly, FC Bayern Munich has the most goals (20), shots (95), and duels (558) won in this season’s Bundesliga fixtures so far. Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich has the most goals with 7.
  • Ball hogs – Borussia Dortmund interestingly has the most successful passes from open play (87.1) and the highest possession (61) of any club. 
  • Undefeated – 3 Bundesliga teams remain undefeated in their opening 5 games: Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg, and Freiburg. 


Bundesliga Predictions 

We know why you’re here. Our expert predictions and football betting tips of course! Based on our expert football knowledge, an analysis of current football betting odds, and Bundesliga results, we have some top Bundesliga predictions just for you.

Bundesliga Winner – the current favorites must be Bayern Munich and all of us at Lilibet have to agree. The team has been dominant for the past few years – not to mention the most successful Bundesliga team ever – and is already leading the Bundesliga table. Their dominance has been on display with more goals and shots than any other team too.

Bundesliga Top Scorer – it’s impossible to look past Polish striker Robert Lewandowski has been the Bundesliga top scorer for the last 4 years running whilst representing Bayern Munich. Lewandowski nailed a record-breaking 41 goals on his way to the 2020/21 Bundesliga top scorer and he is currently this season’s top scorer already with 7 goals. 

Bundesliga Football Betting Tips 

We at Lilibet like to take care of our punters. So, for those looking to bet on their favorite Bundesliga teams, we have generated some key football betting tips to give you a helping hand. 

  • Bet 1.5 or 2 goals scored– there are currently 3.09 goals scored per match in this season’s Bundesliga. That is high with the average typically being around 2 goals. A wise and experienced football punter may choose to use that information for some great odds for betting on goal-scoring markets for individual Bundesliga matches. 
  • Multi-bets – why bet on just one Bundesliga match? You could get some seriously enhanced odds by adding a few legs of different Bundesliga matches. Go even further by building an Acca with matches from the Premier League or Serie A in Italy. 
  • More than the odds – don’t just go off the football betting odds you see online. Do some research into each team. Check out their form, see which players are returning or maybe, which players will be missing out. The smallest details can have a big effect on Bundesliga teams.
  • Look for bonuses – you can pick up a free bet bonus at online sportsbook platforms like Lilibet. That means you could wager on the most ridiculous outsider and it won’t matter if it loses. 

How To Bet Safely and Legally on German Bundesliga? 

Sports betting on football today is totally safe and legal at Lilibet. Our online casino and sportsbook are fully licensed and are regularly audited for safety and security. If you ever have any concerns on the legality of sports betting on Bundesliga in Germany or any other country, consult your local authorities for up-to-date legislation. 

The Best Sportsbook to Bet on Bundesliga Matches

The very best sports betting platform is Lilibet. Featuring a comprehensive live sportsbook and online casino, Lilibet offers loads of markets for all your favorite football leagues including the premier league, Serie A, and Bundesliga. So, to bet on football today, head to Lilibet, collect your stunning welcome bonus, and jump into the best sportsbook available online.


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