Of all the online lotto games by Evolution Gaming, one of the most thrilling has to be Cash or Crash Live. With a ridiculously high RTP, tons of control over game decisions, and a unique theme, Cash or Crash Live is arguably the most fun you can have gambling online. 

At Lilibet casino, we have the lowdown on this new online casino game and even a few key strategies to help fuel your bankroll. 

Cash Or Crash Live Game Introduction 

Cash or Crash live by Evolution Gaming is, yet another amazing and unique game show offered by the award-winning casino software developer. Set on a huge airship, soaring above the cityscape, players attempt to climb a 20-rung ladder-styled paytable to try and win the top prize. 

With a high RTP and a possible maximum win of 50,000x the player’s stake, this live dealer online casino game is a thrilling ride for sure. As both a strategy and skill-based game, the right decisions can lead to bigger profits. 

How To Play Cash or Crash Live 

The game begins with all players placing their bet. Once the bets have been placed, the live dealer will commence the draw. Payouts will depend on the paytable level when a green ball is drawn. A new betting round begins ahead of every draw – unless the game ends due to the player’s decisions or the red ball is drawn.

This lotto online casino game is just that simple – place a bet and a ball are drawn! 

The Balls

Like other online lotto games, the balls are crucial. There are three different ball types in this Evolution game and they each affect the player in unique ways.

  • Gold Ball – The Gold ball acts as a shield against a red ball. Collect one of these to not feel the effects of the next red ball draw.  Not only that, but the game also enters “Quick Mode”, where no decisions are made by the player and the game continues with increased payouts until the red ball is drawn.
  • Green Ball – this is the ball that matters most. The green ball offers players three decisions. Continue, Take Half, or Take All. Continue simply keep your bet in play and the game continues. Take Half lets players take half the winnings and bet the rest. Take All means the player collects all the winnings and leaves the game, although you can still watch the outcome live.
  • Red Ball – a red ball spells disaster. Land a red ball and the game will come to an abrupt end. The level will go back down to 1 and the game will need to restart.

Cash Or Crash Live Play Strategy 

Since this lotto online casino game features so much decision-making power from the player, there are many strategies that can be leveraged to try and win the most money possible. For Cash or Crash Live strategies, it is argued that the game is essentially 50/50 because of the high RTP. That means Take All, Take Half, and Continue are each 33% likely. 

Here are 3 common strategies for this love casino online lotto game.

Take Half – this strategy takes longer to break even, but once you do, it’s all free money. A simple strategy, in our opinion. All Take Half to slowly build your winnings and stay in the game. 

The 1 and done – this is a quick, in-and-out strategy that heavily relies on that high RTP. The initial green ball is worth 1.2x your stake. You could choose to keep playing new games and cashing out on the first draw. You may even draw the gold ball first and nab a huge initial payday.

Percentage game – on the game screen you’ll find two blimps or airships. These denote the percentage of the likelihood a green or red ball will appear. Take Half or Continue until the green percentage is lower than the red. That will be your time to take your winnings. 

Cash Or Crash Live Paytable 

You’ll find the paytable in the Cash or Crash game but we’ve prepared it so you can better prepare your strategy ahead of time. 

Level Before Shield is Broken After Shield is Broken
20 18000x 50000x
19 6800x 11000x
18 2900x 4000x
17 1200x 1500x
16 550x 760x
15 310x 360x
14 160x 175x
13 95x 105x
12 54x 62x
11 33x 36x
10 21.5x 24x
9 15x 16x
8 10x 10.5x
7 7.1x 8x
6 5x 5.6x
5 3.6x 4x
4 2.7x 3.1x
3 2x 2.2x
2 1.6x 1.7x
1 1.2x 1.2x

Cash Or Crash RTP 

The return to player of Cash or Crash live is one of the best of any live casino game. The RTP is a staggering 99.59%. That is near blackjack levels of RTP. This online casino game is known for paying out smaller prizes more often but at either 18,000 or 50,000 times your stake, the major prize can be monstrous!

Where You Can Play Cash or Crash Live for Real Money?

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