When you play at online casinos, it’s important that you read the fine print of any casino bonus. Within you’ll find something called the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is crucial to taking home real money from a casino bonus and we, at Lilibet casino, have the full explanation and guide to take the hassle out of enjoying your bonuses.

What Is a Wager at an Online Casino? 

The meaning of wager is to bet – plain and simple. Any bet at an online casino or sportsbook is known as a wager. Each game and sports have minimum and maximum wagers too. Understanding a wager is important when obtaining online casino bonuses and free spins. 

What Are Casino Wagering Requirements? 

A casino wager requirement is a sort of like the rules of the casino bonus. Basically, a wagering requirement is how many times a casino bonus must be wagered before the bonus money is considered as real money – you can’t withdraw the bonus money, but you can withdraw real money. 

Most new online casino bonuses will have a wagering requirement and they’ll look something like this:

$100 welcome bonus – 5x wagering requirement.

That means that the $100 bonus must be wagered 5x before any winnings can be withdrawn as real money. So, 100 x 5 = $500. Meaning you’ll need to wager the bonus money to a value of $500 before you can withdraw any of it as real money.

Why Do Casinos Have Wagering Requirements? 

The reason for wagering requirements is very simple. To stop punters from just talking bonus money and walking away. Online casinos are not in the business of just giving money away – if they were they’d be broke – so they let punters work a little for it. 

There are some no wagering casino bonuses too, but they typically have a high withdrawal limit to offset the lack of wagering requirement. Online casino free spins can have no requirement too, but the overall winnings aren’t big enough to worry any operators. 

Can You Beat Casino Wagering Requirements? 

As you can imagine with the nature of online casino gambling, it can be difficult to wager a bonus amount to completion without losing the bonus money in losses or before the bonus expires. That doesn’t mean you can’t beat the wagering requirement – you’ll just need a little bit of strategy.

Here are some tips to beat the wagering requirement. These are only tips and of course, do not guarantee wins or success. 

  • Lowest Wagering Requirements – pick an online casino bonus with low wagering requirements. The number will depend on the size of the bonus but generally, 6 – 10x is acceptable for most good-sized welcome bonuses. Lilibet casino is a low wagering requirements casino, and our bonuses are on the lower end of the wagering required. If a wagering requirement is anywhere between 20x and 40x, it’s best to stay away.
  • Game Selection – so casinos operate a system called “Game Weighting”. This means that not all casino games meet the wagering requirement in the same way. As a general rule, standard online casino slots contribute 100% to the wagering requirement, while Live casino games like blackjack typically contribute 5 – 10%

What does this mean? Well at 100%, that means a $1 bet will contribute $1 to the requirement. But at 10%, that same $1 bet will only contribute $0.10 to the requirement. So, online casino slots are the best way to work through a welcome bonus.

  • Check the bet maximum – be sure that the maximum bet isn’t too low. It’s understandable that online casinos won’t let users place a handful of big bets to clear the bonus, but they shouldn’t make it too difficult either. Look for a reasonable maximum like $5.

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The Best Slots to Complete Wagering Requirements

The best way to complete a wagering requirement is to play online casino slots, but not just any slot game. You’ll need to look for low-medium volatility online casino slots. These types of slot games won’t provide massive payouts but are more likely to pay out more frequently – perfect for quickly working through a wagering requirement.

Some low volatility slots may be excluded from a wagering requirement but thankfully, a medium volatility slot is that happy middle ground you’re after to beat a requirement and win some money too.

Low Wagering Bonuses to Get and Play

Lilibet casino is one of the best online casinos that payout from casino bonuses. That’s because we have some of the lowest wagering requirements of any casino online. New online casino bonuses can easily be found in our promotions section and punters can become a VIP for free – as a VIP your bonuses can be boosted even further.  

Whether you’re after free bets, free spins, or a classic deposit bonus, Lilibet casino is all about low wagering bonuses to get you playing!

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