Evolution Gaming is an industry giant when it comes to making high-quality online live casino games. Exceptional visuals, intuitive user interfaces, and all the casino classics. But did you know that Evolution Gaming also makes live game shows? 

Crazy Time is a fun and exciting game show that sees players wagering on the outcome of the Crazy Wheel. How can you win? What is on the wheel? Read on to learn all about Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming and what bonus rounds await you at Lilibet Casino.

What Is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is yet another amazing live casino game show in the style of other Evolution Gaming titles like Dream Catcher. The game features a wheel with 54 segments offering prizes between 1x to 10x your wager. Not only that, but the wheel also features 4 exciting bonus rounds. 

Crazy Time features a live presenter who hosts the game and spins the wheel each round. The presenter can interact with the players and answer any game-related questions too. 

How To Play Crazy Time Live?

Crazy Time is actually a very easy online live casino game to play. You don’t really need to do anything other than bet on a preferred segment. That’s it! Only 2 bonus games have a player decision, while the others are entirely random. 

Players can choose to bet on numbered segments and bonus segments at their preference. Simply select a chip amount and move it onto your chosen bets. Now wait for the timer to conclude and the Crazy Time spin will be made. 

Crazy Time Wheel

The Crazy Time wheel is the centerpiece of this online live casino game, and all your bets will be related to it. Take a look at the dazzling money wheel and you’ll see it is actually broken up into 54 segments. These segments each feature a number – 1, 2, 5, or 10 – which denote their pay value and there are also 4 bonus segments too. 


The wheel is spun by the presenter when the betting window is closed, and one of two possible outcomes will occur:

  • The wheel will stop on a numbered segment and those who bet on that segment will win. Any top slot multipliers will be added to the result. 
  • The wheel will land on a bonus segment and the bonus round will begin. Only players who bet on that segment will be able to play in the bonus game.

Once a payout from a number segment has been completed or a bonus round has ended, the betting timer will begin ahead of another wheel spin. 

Bonus Rounds

To enter a bonus round, you need to have placed a wager on the correct segment that the bonus is on. When a bonus round is activated, non-participating players can simply watch the action unfold. 

  • Coin Flip – Occupying four segments of the Crazy Wheel, the Coin Flip is the most common bonus round. This bonus is a guaranteed win, but the coin flip decides how much. Random multipliers are added to the blue or red side of the flip. The presenter will flip the coin on the Flip-O-Matic machine, and the winning side will be revealed. Players will be paid out based on the revealed multiplier. 


  • Cash Hunt – Appearing on 2 segments of the Crazy Wheel, the Cash Hunt bonus is a shooting gallery containing 108 random multipliers. The aim is to locate the biggest multipliers possible. To do so, simply aim and fire a cannon at the symbol of your choice. Each player will have a different outcome based on the symbol that they choose. 


  • Pachinko – If the Crazy Wheel lands on the Pachinko bonus, players will simply need to sit back and watch. On the Pachinko wall, players will see 16 drop zones and 16 prize multipliers. The Puck will drop and bounce around pegs as it makes its way into one of the multiplier zones. The presenter will drop the puck from a randomly assigned drop zone and the game ends when the puck reaches a multiplier zone. 


  • Crazy Time – this is where serious money can be made. The Crazy Time Bonus wheel has 64 segments full of multipliers, double and triples. Players must choose a coloured flapper. Once the wheel has spun, whatever prize lays under your chosen flapper is yours. If the flapper lands on a double or triple, your multipliers increase, and the wheel will be spun again. With any luck you may get several spins, building your multiplier further. 

Crazy Time RTP

Crazy Time has a variable RTP depending on which segments of the game you choose to wager on. The RTP will vary between 94.41% and 96.08%. To be more specific, we’ve broken down the RTP of each segment:

  • Segment 1 – 96.08%
  • Segment 2 – 95.95%
  • Segment 5 – 95.78%
  • Segment 10 – 95.73%
  • Pachinko – 94.33%
  • Cash Hunt – 95.27%
  • Coin Flip – 95.70%
  • Crazy Time – 94.41%

Crazy Time Payouts

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming is quite a volatile game show. You can expect lots of little wins and a few dead spins, but every so often a truly massive payout will drop. To get a better understanding of how you can win money playing this live online casino game, we’ve put a simple paytable together. 

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Crazy Time Online Casino

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