Darts betting is incredibly popular in the UK and is growing every day into new markets. Top competitions like the Premier League Darts are televised across the globe and you’ll find an abundance of markets with excellent darts betting odds at Lilibet Casino.

With our guide, new punters can learn to place wagers during top league matches and our free darts betting tips are sure to get you started on the right foot!

Introduction & Main Rules of Darts 

Darts are played the world over and the rules can vary from competition to competition. However, the general rules are consistent across the formats, and for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to follow the rules according to the PDC World Championships.

The game of darts is played by two players who throw sharp objects (darts) at a round board and score points by hitting specific points on the target.

  • The object of the game is to be the first player to reach 501 points. Points are calculated backward, beginning at 501.
  • To score a zero and end the match, players must land on a target worth a double point. 
  • Matches are played in a series of legs or, in some cases, sets. For example, the PDC often follows a “best of 11” format, where 11 legs are played and the player with the most wins will be victorious. 
  • Each player takes turns throwing 3 darts at the board and the leg continues until a player reaches a score of zero.

Major Darts Competitions 

There are several major darts competitions played around the world, but the biggest ones are centralized in the United Kingdom. We believe there are four tournaments you need to know about. These tournaments offer the best darts betting markets and the highest quality of darts playing in the world.

  • Premier League Darts – Premier League Darts sees 10 of the biggest players from the PDC circuit compete in a double round-robin competition. With a top prize of £250,000, this is a very lucrative darts competition. Darts betting sites offer loads of markets for this competition and in the UK, it is one of the most wagered upon sporting events. 
  • PDC World Championships – first played in 1994, the PDC World Championships formed out of a split from the BDO world championships. Featuring many high-profile players over the last 28 seasons, the PDC is the world’s only remaining World Championship darts competition. 
  • Players Championships – Organised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), the Players Championships is widely considered to be the most televised darts tournament in the world. The total prize pool is worth more than £500,000 and only the top 64 PDC Order of Merit players can compete each year. 
  • World Grand Prix – this competition is for serious darts fans. Uniquely, matches must be opened and closed with a double. A rule typically found in pubs in the UK and can lead to some long and tense matches. 


How To Bet on Darts Online 

There is a lot happening in a game of Premier League darts. You may be surprised to learn there are a few different ways to bet on darts. Betting on darts is easy and we’ve identified 5 leading darts betting markets for you to enjoy at Lilibet Casino. 

  • Outright Darts Betting – this is just a straight-up bet on the winner of a darts competition will be. For some competitions, this means the result of the final match. For example, the player who tops the Premier League darts table must still be victorious in the final match to actually win the title. 
  • Matched Betting – this refers to wagering on the outcome of a single match of darts. It could be betting on who will win a match or wagers on individual scores during the match’s duration. 
  • Handicap Betting – at Lilibet Casino we often offer handicap betting markets for major darts leagues. A handicap is used to even the odds when the favourite is a very strong chance of winning the match. Placing a handicap involves giving the underdog a few points lead going into a match or leg. 
  • Over/Under – the most common over/under darts betting, and there are a few, is betting on the number of total sets. For example, a bet on over 4.5 would be a winner if the match goes for 5 sets. 
  • Number of 180s – the most points a player can get with three darts is 180. At Lilibet Casino, you can bet on how many 180-point throws occur in a single match.


Profitable Darts Markets to Bet On 

Now, here is the part where our experts offer our top sports betting tips for darts. We have carefully selected strategies involving 2 darts betting markets that we feel are often profitable. 

  • Match Betting – just do your research, check the form of the two players involved and place a wager on the match result. This is the easiest darts betting strategy in the world but it’s often profitable. Form guides typically don’t lie and researching ahead of a match should give you valuable insights into picking the winner.
  • Over/Under – this market is perfect for matches that are either dramatically one-sided or going to be very close. If two powerhouse favourites are going to play each other, betting over is an easy way to pick up some profit. Conversely, the under market is perfect early on when a top-seeded player will be facing a low seed in poor form.

Where To Bet on Darts Online?

There are plenty of darts betting sites online, but Lilibet Casino is the best place for darts betting. We provide a rich array of markets for all the biggest competitions and allow handicap betting too. Our darts betting odds are highly competitive, and we are offering a new sports bonus for new players to start wagering on darts today.



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