Evolution Gaming is a world leader in the iGaming industry and consistently produces amazing live dealer casino games for all to enjoy. The latest Evolution game to join the ranks of Lilibet Casino is Golden Wealth Baccarat Live. 

Featuring generous multipliers, magical animations, and a high RTP that benefits basic baccarat strategy, this live dealer online casino game is a must for any baccarat or card game fan. At Lilibet Casino, we have all the details on this exciting new title for live dealer casinos.

Game Overview 

In a “luckier” version of Evolution Gaming’s already popular Lightning Baccarat, Golden Wealth baccarat is a live dealer, online casino game featuring additional ways to multiply their winnings. Multipliers are earned through the Golden Cards – five special cards included in each game round that can multiply winnings by 2x, 3x, 5x, or even 8x. The player simply needs to win the hand and hold one or more golden cards to see a multiplier applied.

How To Play Golden Wealth Baccarat? 

Firstly, the baccarat rules in this live dealer baccarat game are essentially the same as other baccarat games by Evolution Gaming. So, we’re talking basic baccarat rules here. This also means that following a basic baccarat strategy will still be most effective. The baccarat game is broken up into 4 distinct phases.

  1. Betting Phase – Each round of live baccarat begins with players placing their bets. Players have the choice of wagering on their hand, the banker’s hand, or on a tied result. Bet minimums are €0.10 and go up to a maximum of €1,000 at Lilibet Casino. 
  2. Golden Round – In this round the multiplier golden cards are revealed. The 5 cards are selected at random and are assigned a multiplier value at random also. The cost of these cards is an additional 20% of their wager. 
  3. The Deal – Next, the live dealer will draw the cards. Both the player and banker will receive 2 or 3 cards, depending on their values, and any golden cards will be highlighted with dazzling animations.
  4. The Outcome – The result of the game is revealed, and any winning bets are paid out. Any winning hands containing Golden Cards will receive their multipliers. This could mean multiple multipliers if the hand contains multiple cards. It is possible to have a winning hand with three Golden Cards and the best result would be a tied hand with 6 Golden Cards.

Golden Wealth Baccarat Features 

With similarities to Lightning Baccarat, Golden Wealth Baccarat is a fast-paced real money online casino game. While there are multipliers in Lightning Baccarat, the chance of actually getting one is far higher in Golden Wealth Baccarat. Here are the three unique features of this live baccarat game. 

  • Golden Rounds – After the bets are placed, the Golden Round will commence. This round sees 5 cards magically adorned in gold and be given a multiplier value. Each player must pay an additional 20% on top of their wagers to cover the Golden Fee. 
  • Multipliers – The golden round doesn’t mean much until players win a hand and hold any of the golden cards in their baccarat hand. A player’s hand can contain multiple winning golden cards with a total possible multiplier of x262,144.
  • Side Bets – This live baccarat game also comes with additional side bets. The “player and banker pair” side bet is a wager on the first two cards given. For example, a wager on banker pair would require the banker to receive two cards of the same value, like 4, 4 or 8, 8. 


What Is the RTP Of Golden Wealth Baccarat? 

Generally, the RTP of this live baccarat game is 98.85% with the Banker bet offering a slightly lower RTP due to the standard 5% commission taken from a winning banker bet. This commission is standard across baccarat games, although Lilibet Casino does offer the Evolution game, No Commission Baccarat in our live casino. 

Player 98.85%
Banker 98.69%
Tie 93.36%
Player Pair Side Bet 86%
Banker Pair Side Bet 86%


Game Payouts 

The max payout of the banker and player bets is 512:1 with non-multiplied payouts at 1:1, while the tie bet has a maximum potential payout of 1,310,720:1. The player and banker pair side bet payouts between 9:1 and 576:1. All the payouts in Golden Wealth Baccarat by Evolution Gaming are capped at a maximum of €500,000 – or your chosen currencies equivalent. 

Is It Worth Playing Golden Wealth Baccarat? 

Frankly, any new live dealer casino games offered by Evolution Gaming should be tried. Golden Wealth Baccarat Live is certainly worth playing as it offers a high RTP of 98.85% and a greater chance of landing multiplier cards. The high RTP also means players will have a good chance of winning by using a basic baccarat strategy. 

The Golden Cards appear frequently, and the action is fast-paced. Golden Wealth Baccarat Live by Evolution Gaming is a game all fans of live dealer casino games should try their hand at! 

Where To Play Golden Wealth Baccarat Online?

The best place to experience all the thrills of the new baccarat online live dealer game from Evolution Gaming is at Lilibet Casino. Be one of the first to pick up a multiplier win in Golden Wealth Baccarat Live and get among the top winners. Register an account at Lilibet today to receive a massive welcome bonus in our huge live casino for real money.




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