If you have spent any time with us at Lilibet Casino, you know we love Gonzo! The Gonzo series features several amazing slot titles – just check out our Gonzo’s Quest slot review. The folks at Evolution Gaming have taken Gonzo to the next level by developing a live dealer/slot game hybrid experience. Enjoy all the fun of the live dealer experience but with the fast-paced prize-dropping action of a slot bonus game!

But is there are winning strategies to Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt by Evolution Gaming? Stick with us at Lilibet Casino, as we take you through the most effective ways to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live. 

What Is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt? 

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt by Evolution Gaming is a unique slot/live dealer hybrid game that can even be played using a virtual reality headset. Think of this slot game as one big bonus round! This Evolution game is a great mixture of the live streaming dealer experience and Random Number Generator-based slot action. You get a real-life dealer and amazing animations! 

The action takes place on the Prize Wall – where you get a selection of coloured stones to hunt for – and prizes can reach as high as 20,000. 1,000s of players can participate at any one time but the game choices are entirely yours to make.

How To Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt? 

To learn how to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, you’ll need to know a bit about what’s going to happen in the game. Once the game begins, there are only 4 key moments:

  1. It all starts with the betting round. During this time, all the players place their wagers.
  2. Next, you’ll go on the Treasure Hunt. This is where the players will choose which stones, they wish to find on the Prize Wall.
  3. The Prize Drop sees multipliers and bonuses added to the stone’s values ahead of the Prize Wall treasure hunt. Sometimes, re-drops occur that increase the number of prizes on the wall.
  4. Finally, we get the big reveal. The location of the prize-winning stones is revealed and matched with any successful bets. 

How to Bet in Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

You’ll need to know how to place wagers in order to leverage a winning strategy. Betting occurs at the first stage of the game and involves making two important selections:

  • Firstly, a selection of the symbols (Stones) that you wish to see appear on the Prize Wall.
  • Secondly, you must decide how many searches you wish to make to seek those symbols. It can be anywhere from 1 search to 20 searches. The more Picks you choose to search with, the more likely you are to find a prize. 

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Strategy Guide 

Most strategists who play this game by Evolution Gaming will generally use one of two strategies. We’ve got them both covered below: 

  • Lots of Stones, minimal bet – so this strategy involves covering a large number of titles on the wall by wagering on all the orange and brown stones. This is done so by betting the lowest possible amount on the 45 possible titles on the prize wall. You’ll be wagering 20 searches and at a minimum of 0.25, that’s only a total bet of 10. But you will be giving yourself a 1 in 2 chance of grabbing a winning tile. It’s a decent Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt strategy due to its low stakes and the fact that multipliers can potentially boost your winnings.
  • Go Big – look closely at the Evolution game screen and you’ll notice a Bet All button. Yep! Clicking that button will place a wager on every title on the Prize Wall. It’s costly since you are wagering heavily, but it does guarantee a win. You’ll need a good-sized bankroll to use this strategy and it’s not uncommon to merely break even or lose a little by the end of a session this way. However, with so much coverage, you may win some big prizes on the right day!


Winning Tips & Tricks 

Want to get a little more out of this exciting title from Evolution Gaming? Here are a few more tips for playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live. 

  • Ignore the stats – this is an RNG online casino real money game. That means every round is 100% random and the statistics bear no insights into the next round.
  • Bet All – the bet all button does exactly that. If that’s what you fancy, remember that it is there. It’ll save you loads of time and ensure you don’t miss a wager.
  • More Drops – re-drops can appear up to 10x per game. So, remember that your low wagers can still yield big results when multipliers come into play.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Prize Drop & RTP 

This Evolution game is rather well-balanced. Every stone has a relatively similar RTP with the overall theoretical RTP being 96.56%. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is considered as a high volatility game – meaning regular small wins are expected with occasional 100x or more wins. 

When all the bet selections are complete, the game will move into the Prize Drop. At the top of the prize wall, between 0 and 7 bonus prizes may appear. These will form multipliers between 2x and 10x and increased bonus values that can be anywhere between 3 and 100. If a Re-Drop occurs, the Prize Drop process will repeat itself, further increasing the bonuses. An individual stone value can reach a maximum value of 20,000!

How To Calculate Winnings Playing the Game? 

Calculating your winnings is simple when you have a paytable. Check out the table below to see how much you would win for picking up a particular symbol. A payout is calculated against your total stake. So, for each stone you guess correctly, your payout will be multiplied by your total stake for that round. 

Guess many different stones correctly and you can reach some monumental payouts! The maximum win allowed on a single game round is £/€ 1,000,000. 

Symbol (Stone) Number of Symbols Payout Odds
Brown 27 1:1 38.5%
Orange 20 2:1 28.5%
Purple 12 4:1 17%
Green 7 8:1 10%
Blue 3 20:1 4.28%
Red 1 65:1 1.42%

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live Casino

At Lilibet Casino, we have several Gonzo titles for our punters to play. Besides Gonzo’s treasure Hunt Live, you’ll also find 3 more titles:

  • Gonzo’s Quest: The Search for Eldorado by NetEnt
  • Gonzo’s Gold by NetEnt
  • Gonzo’s Quest Megaways by NetEnt & Red Tiger Gaming

Punters will love the NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest free spins bonus game and Gonzo’s Quest Megaways offers over 100,000 ways to win! Sign up today to claim your welcome bonus and enjoy all our Gonzo titles and more! 




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