Sometimes a team is just too good. They’ve been dominating the entire season and every time they play, the odds are stacked so high against their opponents that there is almost no point betting on the event. This is not the case – enter handicap betting. Handicap betting can be used to even the odds. But there is some skill, research, and strategy involved to handicap bet successfully. 

Our experts at Lilibet Casino have some key handicap betting tips for those who are ready to step up to a more advanced form of sports betting online. 

Handicap Betting Explained

In a nutshell, handicap betting is about placing some sort of disadvantage on the favorite in a market to even the odds. For example, in football handicap betting – the most common form of handicap betting – you could place a 1.5 goal advantage on a team, so they only need to win, draw or lose by less than 2 goals for your bet to win.

The main aim is the make the event more of an even chance when there is no value in wagering on the favorite. 

Difference Between European & Asian Handicap

There is one crucial difference between a European handicap and an Asian handicapping. That is the draw option. Asian handicap markets are only offered with two outcomes – a win and a loss. In the event of a draw, the punter’s stake is refunded. 

A draw occurs when neither handicap can be considered a winner. However, European handicap markets are always depicted as a whole – such as whole goals rather than half goals – and this does make European handicaps easier to follow.


Handicap Betting Tips You Should Know

Like any form of sports betting, it pays to practice and educate yourself. You’re unlikely to just jump into handicap betting without learning more about the topic and be successful. If you’re looking to influence your football odds or make NHL betting a little bit more fruitful, consider these key handicap betting tips.

  • Bet on the Favorite – One advantage of handicap betting is that it shortens the odds on a favorite. Think about some of the best premier league teams at the moment, they are constantly heavy favorites and not losing. However, you can still achieve a decent payday using handicap betting rather than chasing the underdog. 
  • Head-to-Head records – always consult the head-to-head record between two teams or players. This will let you know what the score typically is between the two and provide some insight into how big or little a handicap should be.
  • Margins – look for statistical figures, most notably score margins. For football handicap betting this would be goal margins, for cricket, it would be the margin of runs. You can better focus on a handicap bet if you know have a better idea of what the final score is likely to be. For example, the goal margin in the Bundesliga 2021/22 is 3.06 goals.

When Is the Best Time to Make Handicap Bets? 

Handicap betting is not necessarily a betting strategy you would use regularly. However, there is one time that handicap betting is used advantageously. There will be times when the football odds or likely match result just doesn’t possess any real value. This is when handicap betting can even out those football odds regardless of how one-sided a market is valued. 

What Sports Have Handicap System? 

Handicap betting can be applied to almost any sport. It really depends on the online casino that you play at. Lilibet Casino offers handicap betting for a variety of sports. Here are some of the most popular sports that offer handicap markets.

  • Football – by now you realize that football handicap betting is the most well-known sport for this type of wager. It involves handicapping a team by the number of goals required to win a match. You may also hear this referred to as 3-way football handicap betting.
  • Cricket – without goals, how can you place a handicap bet in this sport? Rather than goals, handicap betting in cricket is based on the number of runs required to win the game. The advantage here is you can place a wager where the underdog does not need to reach the full chasing total to win the bet.
  • Ice Hockey – like football handicap betting, Ice Hockey is once again about goals scored.
  • Basketball – in basketball handicap betting, you can even the odds by adjusting how many points the favourite requires to defeat an obvious underdog.
  • Golf – in golf handicap betting, you are trying to determine how many strokes a player will take to complete a course. You could adjust the handicap so that a losing player still plays well enough to win a bet.
  • Tennis – a little different to other sports, in tennis, you are wagering on the number of sets or games in a single match. The main idea is that you could wager on the underdog to take the match to a certain number of sets. Even if that player loses, your bet will still win if the correct number of sets or games is played. Perfect if you think a young upstart might go the distance with the all-out favourite.

Where To Bet on Sports Using Handicap Betting?

Of all the best sports betting sites offering handicap betting, Lilibet Casino is number 1. Lilibet Casino and sportsbook offers handicap markets in a vast range of sports and there are plenty of other bonuses too. We offer regular promotions, a VIP program that boosts casino and sportsbook bonuses, and one of the simplest-to-use interfaces you’ll ever find.




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