We all seek more success, don’t we? To get better and better at choosing the winning wagers. To really nail consistency when selecting those NBA betting picks, you’ll need experience and practice. You can bridge the gap by reading our guide to getting better at NBA betting. 

Our experts at Lilibet Casino will teach you everything about understanding NBA betting odds, NBA strategy, and basics every sports betting punter should know. 

NBA Betting Overview 

The NBA 2021/22 season kicked off on the 19th of October and will end in April 2022. This season is scheduled to be unaffected by COVID-19 and will return to a full 82-match format. That means there is plenty of NBA betting to go.

Surprisingly, last year’s champions, the Milwaukee Bucks are not leading the NBA betting picks for 2021/22. That honour currently goes to the LA Lakers and Brooklyn Nets who both share similar NBA betting odds to take home the 2021/22 NBA title. 

Basic Rules to Follow When Betting On NBA 

In NBA, like any other form of sports betting, there are some basic rules to follow that’ll help maintain a level of success. It is by no means a way to guarantee wins but these are NBA betting tips that have proven, over time, to help punters be consistent with their sports betting. Want to place a sports bet using a live betting basketball strategy? Then you’ll want to make you have these basics down first. 

  • Bankroll Management – This is one of the most important NBA betting tips we can offer. Nothing is more important than managing your finances and ensuring you never bet more than you can afford to lose and are willing to lose. This means making an NBA betting plan and wagering without emotion.
  • Stay Informed – no point betting on the NBA based on odds alone or a gut feeling. One of the most basic NBA betting tips is to remain as informed as possible. Read NBA news, follow the games, and keep apprised of any injuries and notable events during the season.
  • Pay Attention to the Schedule – in a nation as big as the U.S, away games can take a serious toll on a player’s mental state and physical fitness. Especially as the season wears on. Quite often, the NBA betting lines and NBA betting predictions fail to consider the fatigue an away team may be feeling. Look for teams playing back-to-back and look for teams that appear to be slipping when playing away for a potentially valuable bet.


How Do NBA Odds Work? 

NBA betting odds can be shown in a variety of ways – decimal, fractional, and money line. Regardless of your preferred method of displaying the NBA betting lines, all the odds represent the same thing – how likely an outcome is and how much it will payout if you wager on it. 

For example, if who you think is the best NBA team to bet on has odds of 3.10 to defeat their opponent then you’ll need to understand what that means. Those odds mean that for every $1 wagered you would receive 3.10 in return. That means a $30 wager would return $93. Of course, there are also NBA betting odds for a range of markets such as handicap betting. 

Where to Find the Best NBA Odds Online?

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At Lilibet Casino, we love to offer basketball betting advice and NBA betting picks for our punters to consider. Sign up today for a sports welcome bonus and to have a go at placing the best NBA bets today! 

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