What is In-Play Betting?

Betting on sports is very exciting and even dramatic at times. But have you ever tried betting In-Play for an even more thrilling experience?

In-Play betting means you can place your bets once the sports event has started and allow you to take advantage of its volatility. Users have the opportunity to react live to situational variables – points, goals, weather changes, injuries, changes in tactics or players, etc.

Compared to pre-game betting, In-play has numerous advantages for customers to exploit. Users are not restricted by pre-game odds. Live situations that occur during the game impact odd movements which creates a big number of strategies to try.
Odds movement is driven by factors like new information, the money placed, situational factors, market confidence, etc.

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Trading Strategy when Betting In-Play

When betting In-Play customers can choose to trade their positions on a betting exchange which

  • Guarantee profit whatever the outcome of an event
  • Reduce risk

You can trade your position multiple times to maximize your profit while reducing risk by betting in-play with a betting exchange.

How To Make an In-Play Bet At Lilibet

In order to make an In-Play bet at Lilibet, the first thing to do is to make a registration at Lilibet. After doing this, navigate to the Live In-Play section of the menu and choose a sport. Look at the events happening at the moment and select the one to make your bet.

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