Easily one of the biggest and most popular eSports in the world, League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer game played around the world.  One of the best things about a modern online sportsbook like Lilibet is the ability to wager on top eSports.

Like major sports, League of Legends features several important tournaments such as the World Championships and the League of Legends MSI (Mid-Season Invitational). Let us take you on a guide of LoL eSports betting.

League of Legends in a Nutshell

For the uninitiated, League of Legends is what is known as a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. The game itself is free to play but the eSports earnings are very, very real – prize money often topping the millions. The game is played on computers and often in front of massive crowds of people – not including the millions that watch via live streaming services.

Two teams of 5 players compete by occupying and defending their half of a game map. Players control a single character and work together to kill opponent characters. Depending on the match format, these eSports games can last anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour!

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League of Legends Betting Guide for Beginners

The key to League of Legends betting is understanding how the game is played and the match format. You’ll find most games follow a standard format – Best of 1, 2, 3, or 5. Our recommendation is to bet on the best of 3 and 5 matches. That’s because the stronger team will typically prevail, therefore providing the punter with a safer bet. Best of 1 is a great fast eSports betting event though!

You’ll find plenty of interesting markets for League of Legends betting too. Besides the match-winner, you can also wager on the first team to 10 kills, team to destroy the first tower, and team to slay the first dragon. League of Legends matches are truly exciting eSports games to bet on and with so much eSports earnings at stake, who would be surprised – in 2018 LoL eSports earnings money reached a massive $6.4 million!

betting on League-of-legends at lilibet casino

The Best League of Legends Odds

When it comes to League of Legends betting, the odds can be found at Lilibet. You’ll find bets of serious value – but what does that mean? At Lilibet, our eSports odds are never too low and with some research, you can find the perfect League of Legends betting opportunities.

Value bets are ones in which you believe the chances of a positive result are high, but the odds reflect a less-positive projection. You can also enhance those odds by putting a League of Legends bet into an accumulator. You can add different eSports games or even regular sporting events to accumulator too.

Where To Bet On Esports Online?

There are many top eSport betting sites online, but the best must be Lilibet. Loads of eSports games and tons of exciting markets for eSports betting. At Lilibet, you’ll find markets for more than just League of Legends – how about CS:GO, Dota 2, and so much more. If you want to bet on top eSports, the only choice is at Lilibet.

Here’s how you can place your bets on League of Legends at Lilibet’s Sportsbook:

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betting on league of legends at lilibet sportsbook
betting on league of legends at lilibet
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