Evolution Game adds dice game to its infamous Lightning Series. With Lightning Dice, you have the chance to win 1000x prizes with each bet. All you have to do is to guess the outcome of a three dice roll. In Lightning Dice, random betting positions are shocked with great multipliers. The game is very simple yet addictive! Let’s take a look at the details of Evolution gaming Lightning Dice Live!

About Lightning Dice

Dice games are some of the simplest games out there. You just pick the outcome of the three rolled dice. You have 16 options on the betting table and each number offers different payouts and odds.

How to Play Lightning Dice Online?

Playing Lightning Dice is easy. You need to wager on the outcome of the three dice roll. You can choose more than one number to increase your chances. Random multipliers (one number or more) are applied to the betting board. When the live dealer hits the switch to send the dice tumbling into the Lightning Tower, you just wait for the results to be displayed and wins to be paid out.

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Lightning Dice Rules

Basic Dice rules are applied to Lightning dice as well. Players can bet on 16 spots, 3-18. These numbers are simply the sum of the outcome of all 3 dice. And in every bonus lightning strikes are presented to give you multipliers. So if you were to bet €1 on 18, you would win €150! Lightning numbers are random and no particular pattern is followed in determining the Lightning payout spots.

You can strategize your gameplay to boost your winnings. You can stick to the big paying numbers or you can place bets on the most likely winning numbers that have over 20 combinations.

Lightning Dice Outcomes and Payouts

Each space on the betting board has a multiplier cap. The highest paying numbers are 3 and 18. Only numbers 3 and 18 can have the coveted 999x multiplier. The RTP for this game is at 96.21%, based on a total of 3 or 18 bets. When the Lightning for 1000x strikes on 3 or 18 comes you’re richer than President Trump! Please note that the most probable outcomes are the middle spots: 10 and 11, followed by 9 and 13, and so on.

Where to Play Lightning Dice for Real Money

With its electrifying multipliers, Lightning Dice is a premier dice game. In a short time, it became one of the best live dealer games. Lightning Dice is now available at a range of Evolution live dealer casinos and you can play this fantastic game here at Lilibet! We highly recommend giving it a try!

Enjoy playing your favorite games with a lucrative bonus at one of the top-rated online casinos—Lilibet! You can also try many of the exclusive Live games from the best software providers. To get started, you can play Lightning Dice, and go on with amazing casino games to discover more about the Lilibet Kingdom.

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