The online gambling experience has come a long way since sports betting and video poker. Since the advancement of the live casino, popular software providers have forged on with thrilling game shows that let players wager on the outcomes. With an engaging host, amazing visuals, and a unique concept, Monopoly Live at Lilibet casino is one of the best online gambling experiences available today.

To make sure new players are totally prepared we have gone ahead and devised a Monopoly Live strategy guide and explain all the features of this thrilling casino game.

Monopoly Live Game Overview 

Monopoly Live is a unique live dealer spin on the popular property trading game. Featuring a super-sized wheel with loads of segments for plenty of online gambling fun. The rules are simple – the live dealer will spin the Monopoly wheel and punters simply bet on which segment they think the wheel spin will land on. 

The segment choices are the numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10. There are also “CHANCE”, “2 Roll”, and “4 Roll” segments too. Playing the game is no different roulette – no decisions to make during the game, just pick your segment and wait for the spin! The 2 Roll and 4 Roll segments grant access to the bonus feature whilst CHANCE will either provide a multiplier or random cash prize.

Monopoly Live Bonus Features 

There is a major bonus feature in the Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming. If you want a big win in Monopoly Live, then you’ll want to bet on the 2 and 4 Roll. Wagering on these two segments will let those players enter the 3D Bonus Round if the wheel lands on the correct segment. 

The 3D Bonus Round sees Mr. Monopoly traverse the game board filled with familiar squares like Jail, Super Tax, GO, and Community Chest. The 2 and 4 Roll bets provide access to the round and the number of steps taken is determined by a roll of the dice.

Qualifying players will be able to pick up multipliers and extra prizes as Mr. Monopoly collects them on the board. 

Monopoly Live Best Strategy 

Like any online casino game, there is a number of strategies that can be leveraged to play a more effective game. The key to any Monopoly Live strategy is to reduce volatility to a level that meets your bankroll and playing style. You can nail a big win in Monopoly Live, but some strategies can go a long way.

To begin with the Monopoly Live strategy, there are a few statistics worth noting. Firstly, the number 2 segment has the highest RTP and there is a 68% chance the spin will land on either a 1 or 2 segment. Secondly, the 4 Roll shouldn’t really be your main bet as the probability is very low (1.86%) but 1 in every 13 spins should typically result in the 3D Bonus Round.

The goal of a good Monopoly Live strategy will be to reduce the cost of getting to CHANCE and the 2/4 Rolls segments. This means you cannot simply bet on the Rolls segments alone. For example, for those with a low bankroll the following Monopoly Live strategy could be employed:

Place a single low-cost wager on 2 rolls, 4 Rolls, 2 Segments and 1 Segment on each spin. The aim here is to reduce losses whilst earning profit from the feature and bonus round. You’ll likely not make any money on the numbered segments with this Monopoly Live strategy but instead, earn on the bonus rounds and chance prizes – essentially it is about keeping you in the game to allow access to the bigger prizes.


Monopoly Live Betting Limits 

Monopoly Live is not a high roller experience. This online gambling game is designed to be fun and feels more like a game show than a casino game. Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming can be enjoyed by a punter with a minimal bankroll.

The minimum betting limit for Monopoly Live is 0.10 whilst the maximum is 100.00. That means you can still look for a big win in Monopoly Live, but it won’t break the bank getting there either. 

What Is Monopoly Live RTP? 

Before you play Monopoly Live, you may be looking for the Return to Player (RTP). The RTP is a statistical representation of how much a game should pay back after a certain number of plays. The RTP of the Monopoly Live casino game is around that of an average slot game. The number segments have an RTP as follows:

  • 1 – 92.88%
  • 2 – 96.23%
  • 5 – 91.30%
  • 10 – 96.02%

The 2 and 4 Roll segments have a 93.90% and 93.67% RTP respectively, while the chance has no RTP due to its random payout and the inability to actually wager on it. With 22 segments on the wheel, the number 1 segment has the highest probability at 40.74% and a payout of 1-1. Want to see how well players are doing in the Bonus rounds? Head to the Monopoly Live tracker to see how many winners are receiving huge multipliers every day!

Where To Play Monopoly Live Online?

If you love the sound of this game, then you’ll be on the hunt for the ultimate Monopoly Live online casino experience. The best Monopoly Live casino in the world is Lilibet Casino. With multiple instant deposit methods, lightning-fast withdrawals, and one of the smoothest online experiences you’ll ever find online, Lilibet casino makes it so easy to just drop into a Monopoly Live casino game at the drop of a hat.

Lilibet casino offers regular casino bonuses and there are so many fun, exciting, and unique casino games like lightning roulette, no-commission baccarat, and hundreds of slot games. Sign up to Lilibet casino today and become a VIP to relish in the added privileges before playing Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming.



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