We are only a few short weeks away from the start of the 76th National Basketball Association (NBA) season. The NBA is the premier North American basketball league and the most popular in the world. Every season millions join online sportsbook sites to find the best NBA teams to bet on.

For those new to the NBA or new to sports betting in general, here is the Lilibet NBA betting guide for 2021.

How To Read NBA Odds 

Sports betting has really been streamlined. If you understand the odds of one sport, chances are you’ll fully understand NBA betting odds too. NBA betting odds can be read in multiple ways, such as decimal and fractional. 

Fraction odds are displayed like the following: 6/1. That means for every $1 staked you would receive $6 in return, should the bet win. Decimal odds are the default at Lilibet. These odds look like this: 3.40. That means for every $1 staked, the punter would receive $3.40 in return if the bet is a winner. 

So, NBA betting odds at Lilibet will be displayed in decimal form but you can adjust them to fraction if that’s how you prefer your sportsbook odds to appear.  

NBA Betting Tips 

We can also use a helping hand now and again. We know you are ready to bet on basketball games today but there is no harm in checking out a few NBA betting tips, just to be sure. We think these tips on sports betting and basketball will help both experienced punters and those new to the game.

  • Know the sport of basketball – as with most sports you can wager on, it really pays to have a good knowledge of the sport itself. Try to learn the rules of basketball and how certain components of the game may affect the eventual NBA scores. Seriously learn about the best NBA basketball players too. Keep abreast of NBA news and immersive yourself in the sport. Before you know it, you’ll be able to make genuinely informed NBA betting decisions that yield positive results. 
  • Multi Bet – there are a lot of NBA games each season. The NBA schedule is packed and that suits the multi-bet punter. If you feel confident, try building a multi-bet containing a few of your NBA best bets. The odds will increase, and you could make a really handy profit. Of course, be warned, you need all your NBA results to go your way to win the bet.
  • In-play NBA betting – we’ll go into a little more detail later, but NBA is a perfect sport for in-play basketball betting. The NBA scores are often high and frequent. Since NBA games are such high-scoring affairs, the odds can change quickly and a punter with a good knowledge of basketball can turn a handy profit.


NBA Betting Picks 

At Lilibet, we’ve got a team full of NBA experts who love to spout their knowledge to anyone that’ll hear it. They know all the basketball scores, who can nail an NBA top shot, and all the insights into which team will make the NBA finals. If you’re after a few NBA betting predictions ahead before the NBA schedule kicks off, check out these key NBA best bets.

NBA Best Bets

NBA winners – favorites among several sportsbook platforms and with our NBA experts at Lilibet, the Brooklyn Nets are our NBA best bets pick for the 2021/22 winners. Last season the Nets were down key players – a weakened James Harden and no Kyrie Irving – yet they still managed to almost beat eventual champions, Milwaukee Bucks, in the second round of the NBA playoffs. Now with a full-strength side, we think the Nets will be one of the best NBA teams to bet on in 2021.

Central Division winners – they won the whole shebang last season, and they are going into this year’s NBA season with essentially the very same side. We see Milwaukee pushing another strong 50+ season off the back of Giannis Antetokounmpo and a deep supporting team.

MVP – a tough call amongst such stiff competition. NBA betting odds puts Dallas Mavericks star, Luka Doncic as the favorite but we think it’s got to be between either Kevin Durant (Nets) or Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks). Almost too close to call but we think Giannis will pick up his 5th straight MVP.

Rookie of the Year – it’s always great to see fresh talent in the NBA and we have NBA betting predictions for this unique market. Our NBA best bets pick for Rookie of the Year is no.1 draft pick Cade Cunningham who has picked up nothing but accolades over the past 12 months or so. 

In-Play NBA Betting

One of the most exciting ways to bet on the NBA today is through live in-play betting. Live betting features dynamic odds that change according to the NBA scores throughout the match. Rather than standard betting where you bet before the match begins, in-play betting lets punters bet on the NBA while the NBA games are being played.

Lilibet features in-play NBA betting with dynamic odds. Just head to the live section of the Lilibet sportsbook to check out all the NBA games that are about to begin or are currently in play. 


Are NBA Betting Sites Safe? 

Fully licensed and regulated sports betting sites like Lilibet are completely safe. Lilibet is regulated and audited by the highly trusted Curacao gaming organization. That means we are regularly checked for fairness, security protocols, and safe business practices. These checks extend to our NBA betting odds too.

So, it is completely safe to bet on NBA basketball at Lilibet. 

The Best Sportsbook to Bet on NBA Games

Lilibet is the best sportsbook for NBA betting and in-play betting on basketball today. You’ll find loads of exciting markets to wager on and great odds for NBA futures. The Lilibet sportsbook also features a sister online casino site too. You can play at the biggest live casino game providers in the world and jump on thousands of thrilling slot games too.

Sign up today to receive your welcome bonus and bet on NBA basketball today. If you’d like to feel special when you are online betting on the NBA finals, become a Lilibet VIP for extra perks!

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