The 76th season of the NBA is fast approaching and is scheduled for the 19th of October. This will be a return to a full 82-game season after the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the last 2 seasons.

This season will also retain the “play-in tournament” that sees the lower-ranked teams battle out for the final seeds in the NBA playoffs. But what is the NBA schedule this year and how do the NBA standings work? Our Lilibet guide to the NBA standings will explain all the basics of the NBA season for 2021/22.

How To Read NBA Standings?

The NBA standings are quite easy to understand and most of the information provided on the NBA standings table can be ignored if you wish. For example, seasoned NBA betting pros may find percentiles or conference and division ratios, useful for their sports betting strategies. However, a team’s position on the NBA standings is what is important and their number of wins. 

The NBA standings are broken down into conferences and divisions. 3 divisions make up a conference for a total of 6 divisions and 2 conferences. The top 6 teams in the NBA standings from each conference move through to the playoffs at the end of the regular NBA games. The teams that were ranked 7 – 10 on the NBA standings then play each other for the remaining two spots in the NBA playoffs.

NBA Schedule 

The NBA schedule is broken up into 3 distinct parts – the regular season, the playoffs, and the NBA finals. Each team plays 82 NBA games during the regular season. This will be made up of games against teams from their own division, teams from the other division within their conference, and NBA games against the teams from the other conference. 

All in all, there are loads of NBA games to bet on in the 2021/22 NBA basketball season. Head to the Lilibet sportsbook to see the upcoming NBA schedule and to view recent NBA results.


When Is the Start of NBA Playoffs? 

It’s the last run to the NBA finals. Only the best NBA teams to bet on make it to the NBA playoffs. The NBA schedule is a long one – which just means more NBA betting opportunities – and the NBA playoffs won’t start until the 16th of April 2022. 

Like many other North American sporting leagues, the NBA playoffs are a best of seven series for a regular first-round, conference semi-finals, and then the eventual conference finals. That means there is plenty of sports betting opportunities throughout the NBA playoffs.

NBA Betting Odds 

At Lilibet, we provide NBA betting odds for a wide range of markets covering all NBA games – including playoffs and finals – and Lilibet also has live NBA betting and NBA futures markets. Our sports betting odds are incredibly competitive, making us a leading sportsbook for basketball games today.

You can bet on the outcome of each conference, division, and the NBA finals before the season have even started. During NBA games, you can wager on NBA results, specific scores, handicap markets, and the result at different periods of the game.

Does NBA Betting Bring You Money?

NBA betting is like any other type of sports betting – there is a level of risk as nothing is ever certain. Sports betting on NBA basketball can certainly bring in a lot of money if you have the right amount of luck and experience in sports betting and basketball itself. All bets should be made without emotion and should be well-informed decisions. 

Research NBA scores, the form of individual players and teams, and really consider the NBA betting odds. You won’t win every time but with a solid strategy and a responsible attitude, you can certainly bring in some money betting on the NBA today.


A Sportsbook to Bet on NBA Games Today

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