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Evoplay Entertainment never fails to amuse gaming audiences with top-notch slot games that will blow your mind. See below which games worth testing right away at Lilibet or in any other online casino.

Neon Shapes

Do you remember Tetrix, the 80’s game loved by everyone and played by millions around the world? Evoplay is bringing this classic to the iGaming scene in a new colorful and modern twist. Although it looks very simple to play, the original Tetrix game requires a mixture of skills. Created with the latest technologies, its iGaming variant – Neon Shapes is featuring skill-based elements that will grab the attention of both new generation and long-term players.

How To Play

To play the game you have to strategically move the shapes on the board to get skill points. The game is puzzling you with horizontal and vertical lines, generated by random “Ordinary, “Orange” and “Gold” shapes.  To win big rewards, you have to remove parts of these shapes and have the chance to earn from x0.08 to x999.99. To start the game, place your bet, tap on the Play button, and start moving shapes from the game bar next to the game board. You can move the shapes anywhere on the game board until you’re run out of space, if so, the game is over. Filling a line on the game board from end to end is clearing space for new shapes that you will see appearing on the game panel.

Neon Shapes is definitely a retro-style slot worth testing guaranteeing a quality gaming experience and with high paying potential.


Top 5 Jackpot Slots To Play Today

Elven Princesses

Elven Princesses is a 5-reels, 30-lines video slot, bringing you to the Kingdom of Elves. This splendid game demonstrates in the best way what Evoplay Entertaining is capable to achieve in slot design and animation. The game is truly magnificent and dives you into a battle with ruins with three beautiful elves – Warrior, Mage, and Archer.

Game Features

  • FREESPINS – Scatter symbols scored during the main game activate Free Spins. The slot provides 3 different types of Free Spins; each comes with a certain bonus.
  • MAGE FREESPINS – Brings player 5 Free Spins. During Mage Free Spins bonus Scatter symbol turns into Sticky Wild.
  • WARRIOR FREESPINS – Brings player 9 Free Spins. During it, each Scatter symbol appears on reels adds 3 extra Free Spins.
  • ARCHER FREESPINS – Activates 7 Free Spins. Each Scatter symbol that appears during free spins increases the multiplier by 1.
  • RANDOM EVENT WILD – During every spin in the main game, the Random Event Wild feature can be activated.
  • MAGE WILDS – Elven Mage casts a spell and turns one of the reels from 2 to 5 into Wilds.
  • WARRIOR WILDSElven Warrior hits the reels with her hammer and converts 2 or 3 symbols into Wilds diagonally.
  • ARCHER WILDS – Elven Archer shoots from her bow at 2 or 3 random symbols making them Wild ones.


Hot Triple Sevens

Hot Triple Seven is a 3-reels, 5-lines game inspired by the classic slots at Las Vegas. With its amazing soundtrack and great animations, spinning the reels of this game is a true pleasure. Your phone will turn into a world-class top-quality slot paying big prizes.

Game Features

  • 777 SYMBOL777 symbols substitute for all regular symbols in the winning combinations. A winning combination of three 777 symbols gives a reward x500!
  • SEVENS ON FIRESevens on Fire symbols substitute for low Sevens the same color in the combinations, which gives more winnings.
  • FREE SPINSAppearance of 3 Freespins symbols in the same round activates 10 Free Spins. In Free Spins all winnings are increasing by x3. Including a super combination of three 777 symbols!


Where to Play Online Slots for Real Money

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