The National Hockey League is the premier Ice Hockey league in North America, and without a doubt, the best Ice Hockey competition in the world. At Lilibet, we like to provide our punters with free NHL betting tips and guidance on how to bet on the NHL. 

So, before you see check out the NHL games to bet on today, check out our NHL betting guide for beginners.

Top 10 Free NHL Betting Tips

That’s right! 10 free NHL betting tips – just for your favorite punters! There are more than a few different ways to bet on NHL games, so we’ve got a few handy NHL betting tips to help beginners out.

  • Research – the best way to be successful at betting on NHL teams is to be well informed about ice hockey and the latest NHL scores. You’ll also want to research previous NHL games and learn about the key players. It’ll be difficult to bet on NHL if you nothing about the sport.
  • Double Up – your top NHL betting picks for the Stanley Cup winner will most likely top their conference and division too. You could place a multi-bet for the NHL overall winner to take it all.
  • Understand the odds – you’ll want to look for the most valued bets. If the favorite is paying 1.40 to win, it’s not going to give you much of a payout. Thankfully, Lilibet odds are incredibly competitive – the odds of favorite Colorado are currently at a great value.
  • Take a punt – the NHL schedule features a new team. They are big outsiders at 51.00. If you have the bankroll, why not have a small flutter on them? They may surprise you and the payout is well worth a minimal stake. 
  • Experiment – once you start to get comfortable with sports betting and NHL betting, look to experiment a little. You’ll find markets that are more fun to bet on or markets that you feel more confident in making successful NHL betting picks.
  • Bonus time – use a sportsbook welcome bonus and then be sure to look for further bonuses after that. Imagine a free bet, like those offered at Lilibet – you could place a wager on any of the NHL games and it won’t matter if it results in a loser. But if it wins, it’s literally free money!
  • Know your markets – when you really get to know your sport, you’ll be able to identify unique markets that most won’t know how to profit from. So, when you feel your knowledge of NHL is up to scratch, consider the less obvious markets for NHL betting.
  • Be careful with Acca bets – yes, a big leg accumulator offers tremendous odds but don’t just start building accumulators for the sake of big odds. You still want to be sure you can win, so focus on quality bets rather than quantity. A short, well-planned Acca that includes NHL betting could pay off massively.
  • Not always the favorite – you’ll need to accept that the favorite doesn’t always win. Even when the odds are massively in their favor, the favorite can still lose. It’s even more reason to study your sport and chose to not bet if you feel the odds don’t stack up. Take a look at this year’s NHL betting odds – favorites Colorado bombed out in the NHL playoffs last season.
  • Be responsible – above all else when betting on NHL games, gamble responsibly. Never bet more than you are willing to afford and never bet to chase losses. It’s fairly simple stuff and you shouldn’t have a problem having a good time betting on this year’s NHL schedule. 


NHL Betting Lines 

An important part of NHL betting is understanding odds and the NHL betting lines. Betting lines simply refers to the odds and is an American form of displaying the odds. Whatever you are used to, they are basically displayed in the exact same fashion. You can choose to display your NHL betting odds in different ways but the standard at Lilibet is decimal. 

For example, the odds for Colorado to defeat Edmonton in the NHL playoffs may be displayed as 3.40 – meaning for every 1 stake, you would receive 3.40 in return. Sports betting at Lilibet is just that easy to understand! We are also a live sportsbook platform, so NHL betting lines change regularly as the NHL schedule continues. 

NHL Betting Predictions 

Since we truly do like looking after our loyal punters, we have put our expert ice hockey heads together and made several NHL betting predictions for the upcoming NHL schedule commencing in October. Our NHL betting predictions are based on NHL betting odds and our team’s expert ice hockey knowledge.

  • Overall Winner – of all the NHL teams we could choose for our NHL betting predictions, we can’t overlook the Colorado Avalanche. They are going into this season with a lot of buzzes and did manage to make the NHL playoffs last season.  
  • Eastern Conference Winner – Despite many fantastic NHL teams to choose from, we think the most likely winners of the Eastern Conference will be the Islanders but those looking for an outside chance may like the Tampa Bay Lightnings.
  • Western Conference Winner – NHL betting predictions weren’t too difficult for the Western Conference. As our NHL best bets selection for the overall winner, we also pick Colorado to win the Western Conference. However, we also feel the conference NHL playoffs will likely be against Edmonton.  

The NHL conferences are broken down into NHL divisions. We have few favorites divisions here at the Lilibet offices. 

  • Atlantic Division Winner – We think Tampa Bay will take this division comfortably and are in with a shot at the Eastern Conference too.
  • Pacific Division Winner – Edmonton Oilers will most likely triumph in this NHL division and face Colorado in the deciding NHL playoffs for the Western Conference. 

Where To Bet on NHL Games Today?

The best online casino and sportsbook is Lilibet. You can bet on all the NHL games from the 2021/22 season and NHL betting odds are highly competitive. There are plenty of markets including NHL futures, total NHL scores, under/over goals scored, and even the ability to wager on each period of NHL games. 

Lilibet features a live sportsbook too and the online casino is packed with so many exciting casino games and online slots. If you want to make NHL bets today, you’ll want to sign up to Lilibet. Be sure to collect your online betting bonus too – for a little extra to bet with!


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