When it comes to sports betting on Ice Hockey, there is no better competition than the National Hockey League. Without a doubt, the most popular hockey league in the world, the competition pits the best American and Canadian NHL teams in an exciting and lengthy season. But when does the season start and what is the NHL schedule? Lilibet has the lowdown on the 2021/22 NHL season.

National Hockey League 2021/22 Season 

The 2021/22 National Hockey League begins on October 12th in what will be the 104th season of the premier North American Ice Hockey league. With an expansion to 32 teams, there are even more NHL betting opportunities. To make sure our favorite punters are set for making their NHL best bets, we’ve got all the info on the NHL schedule and some sports betting tips for the upcoming season.

How many games are in the 2021/22 NHL season? 

With COVID-19 restrictions easing in the US, the National Hockey League is confident fans will see the full 82 NHL games that they are used from previous seasons – that’s 82 NHL games per team for a total of 2624 NHL games. 

That means sports betting fans will have 82 regular-season games and then the NHL playoffs to decide the Stanley Cup winner. The NHL playoffs consist of a best of seven series featuring 16 of the top NHL teams.

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NHL Schedule & Standings 

The NHL schedule for 2021/22 begins on the 12th of October and the majority of NHL games for the season will take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Fridays. The first day of the NHL season will see four NHL teams compete. This will be the first time sports betting fans will get to bet on the new team, the Seattle Kraken, as they take on the Vancouver Canucks.

To see all the available NHL games to bet on, check out the NHL schedule at Lilibet. You’ll be able to see all the upcoming games and place wagers ahead of the action.

NHL Betting Odds

For competitive NHL betting odds, Lilibet is the home of NHL sports betting. NHL betting odds are displayed in a variety of forms depending on your personal preference and can easily be accessed by heading to the Lilibet sportsbook. 

Take one look at the NHL schedule within the sportsbook and you’ll be able to see the latest NHL scores and odds. There are loads of markets including NHL betting futures, over/under NHL scores, and so many aspects of individual NHL games. 


NHL Betting Picks 

Between all the NHL divisions, conferences, and so many NHL games, we understand you might be after a few NHL betting picks to point you in the right direction. We’ve gone head devised our top NHL bet tips for the upcoming 2021/22 season. These are our 3 favorite futures markets, and it basically involves betting on the NHL team standings at the end of each important part of the season. 

Stanley Cup Winner – we think 2-time Stanley Cup winners, Colorado Avalanche are the top pick for winning it all this season. Tampa Bay has won the Stanley Cup twice on the trot now and it feels unlikely they’ll pick up the third consecutive win. However, Colorado actually had the most points last season and was awarded the President’s Trophy. We expect that fine form to continue and blossom in 2021. 

East Conference Winner – if Tampa Bay can maintain their form for the last couple of years, then we think they are among the top NHL bet tips for the Eastern Conference. Despite some player losses due to the tightening salary cap, the Lighting has retained enough quality players to be among the favorites for the Stanley Cup final. 

West Conference Winner – as our NHL best bets selection for the overall winner, the Avalanche will also top the Western Conference according to our NHL betting picks. Our sneaky 2nd choice is the Vegas Golden Knights as they are still looking strong going into this season and had a stellar 2020/21 with a semi-final placing in the Stanley Cup while almost topping the Conference. 

For more useful betting tips on NHL games read our NHL Betting Guide For Beginners.

Where To Bet on NHL Games Online?

The only place to get the best NHL betting odds is at the Lilibet sportsbook and online casino. You can bet on all NHL divisions, NHL games, and NHL playoffs. There are tons of markets for each match and placing NHL bets today is always easy! Sign up today for a welcome bonus to help with your NHL betting or any sports betting that you prefer. 

The 2021/22 NHL season begins on the 12th of October, but you can make NHL bets today with NHL futures!


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