The NHL has been played for over 100 years, which means there are plenty of records set and broken. All NHL teams have something to contribute to the All-Time NHL statistics but only the very best teams top the record books.

With the majority of the most important all-time NHL records, the Montreal Canadiens hold the most NHL team records. Will any NHL records be broken this season? Our Lilibet casino NHL records guide will set the record straight and we’ll have a few NHL betting tips for you along the way.

NHL Team Records All Time 

There are a number of different All-Time NHL team records that fall into this category. While there are the most wins and titles of all time, there are also the major records for all seasons like most points in a single season. 

  • Most NHL wins of All Time – the Montreal Canadiens, one of the original 6 NHL teams, have the most wins with 3,449 and the most games played at 6,731.
  • Most NHL points of All Time – once again, the Montreal Canadiens take another record. With 6,731 all-time points, the Canadiens lead the Toronto Maple Leafs by a single point. 
  • Most NHL titles of All Time – with 24 NHL titles, the Montreal Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup the most times.
  • NHL Points Record – The team with the most NHL points on record is the 1976/77 Montreal Canadiens. With 60 wins from 80 games, the Canadiens scored 132 NHL standings points with 387 goals.
  • Most NHL wins in a Season – this record is held by 2 NHL teams. With 62 wins from 82 games each, the 1995/96 Detroit Red Wings and 2018/19 Tampa Bay Lightning have the most NHL wins in a single season.

All-Time NHL Goal Scorer 

One man stands far above the rest when it comes to the NHL goal record. Wayne Gretzky played 1487 games between 1979 and 1999 and is widely considered to be the greatest NHL player of all time. Gretzky was an intellectual player whose ability to improvise was unrivaled. 

With 894 goals, totaling 2857 points, Wayne Gretzky holds the highest all-time NHL goal record. Gretzky also holds the NHL playoff record for most career playoff points (122) and holds the top 2 places for the NHL goal record for goals in a single season with 92 and 87.


The Worst NHL Records

Not everyone can be a winner. Some NHL teams hold records in the worst kind of way. These are nothing to be proud of but we calculated a few of the worst NHL team stats of all time.

  • Most Losses of All Time – one of the original 6 NHL teams lead the tally for most losses. The Toronto Maple Leafs have lost a total of 2,815 games since the inception of the NHL.
  • Most Losses in a Season – the top 2 places for this record occurred in the same season. In 1992/93, the San Jose Sharks and the Ottawa Senators lost 71 and 70 games respectively. 
  • Longest Winless Streak – the horrible record for when an NHL team just can’t pick up a win if they tried. The Winnipeg Jets lost 30 games straight in 2 months during 1980. 

Latest NHL Betting Predictions 

NHL betting records are certainly fun, but what about the 2021/22 NHL season? Our experts at the Lilibet sportsbook have provided two big NHL betting predictions for our punters. These free NHL bet tips are based on the previous season records, pre-season performances, and current NHL betting odds.

Stanley Cup Winner – the Colorado Avalanche has been far too consistent for too long now. The NHL betting odds are strongly in their favor and as expected, the avalanche began the season with a big win.

Undervalued NHL team – Looking at the NHL betting odds for the 2021/22 season and we think the Florida Panthers may be rather under-priced considered the impressive performances they put out during the offseason. We should also consider the return of Aaron Ekblad who sustained an injury last season while leading the NHL goal record.

How To Bet with Profit On NHL? 

While there is no way to guarantee profit betting on NHL teams, there is one way to increase your chances. The best way to bet on NHL is to be well-educated in the sport. Learn everything you can about the NHL – the players, the form of NHL teams, home/away records, and more. You’ll find the most successful NHL punters are those that are NHL experts.

Where To Bet on NHL Games Online?

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