The English Premier League is well underway with each team completing 11 matches and more than 300 goals have been scored. But who is going to win the Premier League prize money? At Lilibet Casino, we have put our football experts to work with a comprehensive, mid-season Premier League predictions and betting odds guide for 2021/22.

Premier League Betting Tips

Success in Premier League sports betting takes practice, experience, and a good knowledge of football. But where do you start when you’re new to betting or the game itself. We have you covered at Lilibet Casino! Check out these 3 top Premier League betting tips to help get you on your way to wagering on football today.

  • Research the game – learn all about the top players and the playing history of two teams ahead of their match. Consider the age of the teams. Who is the oldest premier league player or which team has the youngest premier league player? Small factors such as these can give you insight into which team will likely win. 
  • Consider your bankroll – the most important of all premier league betting tips, this will keep you from wagering too much or chasing losses. Just make sure to bet with safe gambling practices and remember that the main goal is always to have fun.
  • Listen to experts – learning the game is crucial. Being able to make your own informed predictions is indeed a great skill but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t avoid the experts. Find a source you trust such as a reputable blog or insights from former professional players. Remember that you can always research to confirm their Premier League predictions carry weight and are based on genuine evidence.

Premier League Predictions

As football fans, we all have a few premier league predictions, don’t we? Our experts never stop thinking about football and have a few choice selections for the remaining Premier League season. Here are some of our favourite Premier League predictions at Lilibet Casino:

  • Top Goal Scorer – with 11 games played by each team so far, one player stands tall for the highest Premier League goal scorer this season. Liverpool striker Mohammed Salah currently leads the tally with 10 goals, followed by Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy with 7 goals. Salah narrowly missed the top spot last season, but we think he is going to run away with it in 2021/22. 
  • Winner – It does look like defending champions Manchester City have hit their stride and are going to walk away champions once more, but we think Chelsea may be the smarter bet. The Premier League winner odds are certainly more attractive on Chelsea, and they are certainly no longshot. Last season Chelsea struggled to put away the smaller teams but with the return of dominant flat-track bully Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea should plough through the weaker sides.
  • Relegation – It’s a short race for the top spot but we can still make Premier League predictions for the bottom too. While three teams are relegated at the end of each season, we think Watford F.C is a shoo-in. After that abysmal performance against Arsenal, new manager Claudio Ranieri has failed to make a positive impact. 


Premier League Winner Odds 

The most popular futures markets at Lilibet Casino are the Premier League title winner. This is a market where punters can wager on which team will end the season at the top of the table. To give you an idea of how the season is going and who is likely to win it all, here are the Premier League winner odds currently on offer at Lilibet Casino:

  • Manchester City – 1.72 
  • Chelsea – 3.25
  • Liverpool – 6.00


Premier League Top 4 Odds 

The primer league table has seen quite a bit of movement this season. A few teams have claimed the top spots and the odds for the top 4 teams have shifted throughout the season. The current odds point to the following teams to likely finish in the top 4 of the Premier League:

  • Manchester United
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Chelsea

However, there has been a shift in betting odds for this market. West Ham defeated Liverpool 3 – 2 on the 7th of November, which strengthened their odds to finish the season in the top 4. Also, while Tottenham sits around the middle of the table, some premier league predictions see a top 4 finish following the appointment of Antonio Conte as the new team boss. 

How To Bet on The EPL & Win? 

There really is only one way to bet on the EPL and win with any degree of consistency and success. Sure, we all can get lucky, but it takes strategy and research to win often. The best way to be successful is to be a real student of the game and only place bets with genuine research that provides evidence for a predicted outcome. 

Don’t just make Premier League betting predictions just because you like a player or team. It’s like buying a new car, you want to do your research to make sure it’s going to be the right one.

Where To Bet on The Premier League?

At Lilibet Casino, you’ll find the most competitive Premier League odds and a range of exciting markets to choose from. You can wager on live football games – such as the EPL, La Liga and more – and place in-play bets with dynamic odds. Lilibet Casino offers handicap markets, and our blog never shies away from making some Premier League winner predictions each season.


Register your account, grab a welcome bonus, and follow your start betting on Premier League football today!


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