Ever heard of those players walking away with prizes like €8 million, €14 million, and even €20 million? That’s because they won the major jackpot playing progressive slots at an online casino like Lilibet. Progressive online slots for real money and incredibly easy to play and the payouts are out of this world! 

At Lilibet Casino, we settled the debate on Progressive vs Regular best online slots and give you some handy tips on how to win playing progressive slot machines online. 

What Are Progressive Slots?

There are few categories of online casino video slot games, and they are all different in unique ways. While regular online slots may feature a bonus game, jackpot slots have a fixed top prize. However, progressive slots are entirely different. The major jackpot prize can potentially drop on any spin and the prize money increases as individuals playing progressive slots help grow the prize pool.

Progressive jackpot slots are linked – either on a network or just a casino site – and every bet made by any player increases the prize. The percentage a progressive slot grows is small, but over time the prizes of progressive jackpot slots can reach the multi-millions.

Progressive VS Regular Slot Games 

When it comes down to choosing which type of slot game to play, it really is going to be personal preference. Both progressive slots and regular slot games are exciting, feature unique themes, and leverage bonus games of some kind. 

However, while the jackpots of a progressive slot game may be large, they will statistically payout less frequently than most regular slot games. The RTP of some Microgaming progressive sots are seriously low – Mega Moolah: Absolootly Mad is only 92.02%, Mega Moolah is only 88%, while the majority of standard slot games at Lilibet Casino all hover around the 95 – 97% range.


Is It Better to Play Progressive Slots? 

So, is playing progressive slots better than regular online slots? In theory, the best online slots with a jackpot are going to pay out more frequently than a progressive jackpot slot. Some regular slots that are high volatility can reach some seriously impress prizes too. However, if you are looking for a truly monstrous payday, then progressive slots are the way to go.

It’s a matter of personal opinion. But statistically speaking, it is better to play a regular online slot game than progressive jackpot slots. But if you’re looking for the biggest payday possible, are progressive slots better? Absolutely and some even offer minor jackpots too. 

How Often Do Progressive Slots Hit? 

The chances of hitting the major jackpot while playing progressive slots is actually quite low. It comes down to a little thing called Hit Frequency, which is basically how often a winning combination will land. The low Hit Frequency of progressive jackpot slots means these online slots for real money tend to payout the jackpot every 3 – 6 months. But they do payout – looking to Mega Moolah once again, there have been more than 10 jackpot winners in the tens of millions.

Progressive Jackpot Tips

We think there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of landing the jackpot when playing progressive slots online. Here are our top tips on how to win at playing progressive slot machines. 

  • Aim Small – Going for a €20 million jackpot from Microgaming progressive slots is enticing but a seriously large number of players are thinking the same thing. Try going for a smaller, less popular progressive jackpot as there is likely to be less competition going for the top spot.
  • Qualifying Bets – make sure every bet on a progressive slot game is a qualifying one. The game rules will clearly lay out the terms and you’ll find most require you to bet on all payline. There really is little point playing progressive jackpot slots unless you’re making qualifying bets. Also, its best to wager the lowest qualifying amount possible as you’re likely to be spinning the reals a lot. Wagering more than you need to won’t mean you’re anymore likely to win than any other player.
  • Timing – Most progressive jackpots have a ticker or progress bar you can follow so you know the jackpot is reaching a big size. You can also find out how long it’s been size the last jackpot win. So, around the 3 – 6 months mark is the perfect time to start playing as the prize is most likely to drop.

How To Play Progressive Slots

Playing progressive slots is no different to playing any other real money online slots. Simply place a wager and spin the reels – there really is nothing to it! However, progressive jackpots require a qualifying bet to be eligible for the prizes. This is typically a wager on all the paylines but also often the bet minimum – so it won’t cost you too much. Progressive jackpots drop at random and there really isn’t anything you can do to influence the result. 

Where To Play Slot Games Online of Real Money

Not every online casino will offer progressive jackpot slots. Some offer thousands of slot games and no progressive slot machines. But at Lilibet Casino, you can find regular slots, progressive jackpot slots, and fixed jackpot slots. 


Join us today and claim a welcome bonus to build your bankroll. Then choose from our selection oof the best online slots and chase a major jackpot at Lilibet Casino!


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