What is a Random Number Generator

Slot machines are part of the gaming world for almost a decade, bringing these days more than 70% of the casino operator’s income. They have gone through many advanced modifications, thanks to the latest technologies. At the beginning of their invention, slots were mechanically driven and worked using reels. Nowadays, modern slots are very complex machines based on microchips. In every slot, there is a built microcomputer, which is the Random Number Generator.

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How Random Number Generators Works in Slot Machines

The Random Number Generator generates numbers all the time, even when the machine is not in use. These numbers are created at a rate of several billion hundreds of times per second. What they do is to determine the position of the slot’s reels. The slot game shows the latest generated random numbers, every time a casino player hits the spin button of the game.

The RNG is a microprocessor with a pre-setted hit frequency and payout ratio, which means that whatever you do while playing at classic, video, or progressive slot, you can’t affect any of these processes. The numbers are generated randomly.

For example, let’s say you were playing a slot game, but the player after you hits the jackpot. Тhat doesn’t mean you would have hit it if had continued to play. The jackpot is a result of the generated numbers at that exact moment. Sometimes, a slot may not drop a payout for a long time and then hit a couple of times in a short period. The speed of playing also will not affect the hit frequency. You may see more winnings if you play more, but not because you play faster.

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What is a Hit Frequency of a Slot Machine

The hit frequency term refers to a number, showing how ofter a slot machine is about to hit a winning combo. A higher number means that the slot is likely to hit more often. But, have in mind that slots with a higher frequency are not always the best ones to play.

Where to Play Slot Games & Win

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