A sport of mind games, strategy, and cunning, Snooker pits two players against each other in a game similar to that of standard pool. Incredibly popular in the UK, snooker betting can be a profitable endeavour and is a wonderfully enjoyable sport to witness. 

But how does one begin snooker betting? Stick with us at Lilibet Casino to learn how to understand snooker odds and the top snooker championships to bet on. 

How To Master Snooker Betting – Expert Tips

Snooker betting isn’t too different from any other sport. Uniquely, there are no draws in snooker, so snooker betting odds always represent a winner and a loser. There are also a number of different markets such as over/under and handicap snooker betting. 

To stand the best chance of walking away with winnings, our experts have hand-picked 3 top tips for snooker betting online. 

  • Snooker Rules – First and foremost, learn the rules of snooker. We have an excellent Lilibet guide on the rules of Snooker within our blog. The game is a little more complex than your average game of pub pool. Knowing the rules is especially important for leveraging live betting odds for snooker. 
  • Multiples – upsets rarely occur in snooker. Only 18 players of the modern era have won the Triple Crown. This means that favourites will often win and that is reflected in the snooker odds. It can often be a good idea to lump several favourites together in a single bet for enhanced odds.
  • Odds vs Form – consider the snooker betting odds and then take a look at the form of the players involved. Try and pick an underdog that has a great run of form, a favourite who has struggled throughout the year, or you can over/under if you can get a good idea if two players will likely play many frames. 


Snooker Betting Odds

Lilibet Casino offers snooker betting odds is fractional, decimal, and American (Moneyline) format. Live snooker betting odds also change dynamically during the course of a game too. We’ll explain the 3 types of snooker odds and let you decide which one you prefer. 

  • Fractional – if you play casino games or are a regular at the racetrack, you’ll find these types of snooker odds familiar. Odds are written as a fraction, like 8/1. This means that for every $/€ 1 you bet, you will receive $/€ 8 in return. So, a €10 bet at 8/1 is an €80 return. 
  • Decimal – most common in places like India and Australia, decimal snooker odds are the easiest to understand. That’s because the calculation is simply a multiplication of your bet by the decimal amount. For example, €10 at odds of 2.00 would be a €20 return.
  • Moneyline – Moneyline is the name of American-styled odds. They are needlessly complicated, and we wouldn’t recommend beginners use them. Moneyline snooker odds show how much you can win with a €/$100 bet. For example, a wager with snooker betting odds of -200 means you could win €/$200 for every €/$100 wagered.  

Major Snooker Events to Follow and Bet On

While there are a number of snooker events to watch and bet on, there are 3 that are the most prestigious and popular. Referred to as the triple crown of snooker, these 3 events are big money tournaments and there are plenty of snooker betting markets to be wagered on. While some other events – such as the China Open – are beginning to offer more prize money than any of the triple crown events, they are still considered the gold standard of snooker. 

The Triple Crown consists of:

  • World Championship
  • UK Championship
  • Invitational Masters

Is It Possible to Win Real Money Betting on Snooker?

It certainly is possible to win real money with snooker betting. Betting on anything like Snooker world championship betting or the UK Championship can yield real money winnings. Like any sport, you just need to find snooker betting odds of good value and place wagers backed by research. 

Don’t forget there are many different snooker betting markets to choose from – meaning expert snooker fans can find easier ways of turning a profit – and punters can even make snooker odds more favourable by handicap betting.

Where To Bet on Snooker Online?

When it comes to snooker betting the best place is Lilibet Casino. For the most competitive snooker odds and a wide range of markets, Lilibet has it all. Snooker World Championship betting is a top priority at Lilibet, and we even offer dynamic live snooker betting odds for the Triple Crown tournament. 


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