Snooker Table Rules For Beginners

Snooker is a billiards game played on a rectangular snooker table. The snooker table is covered with green baize, a texture similar to felt. It has six pockets, four in each corner and two in the middle of the longer sides. The table size is 3.7 m × 1.8 m (12 ft × 6 ft), but because of its large size, smaller tables with an approximate length of 1,8 m (6 feet) are commonly used. The number of balls (reds) is also scaled down to 6 or 10.


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The game is played using a cue stick and  15 red, 6 colored, and 1 cue ball. Ball’s colors are worth a certain number of points.


  • Red ball is equal to 1 Point
  • Yellow Ball is equal to 2 Points
  • Green Ball is equal to 3 Points
  • Brown Ball is equal to 4 Points
  • Blue Ball is equal to 5 Points
  • Pink Ball is equal to 6 Points
  • Black Ball is equal to 7 points


Points in snooker are scored by entering the balls in the correct order in the table’s pockets. By using the stick, the player strikes the white cue ball, so that it strikes the colored balls to make them fall into the pockets. The goal is to enter a red ball first in a pocket, followed by a colored one until all balls go to the table’s pockets. If a wrong ball is entered, the opposite player or team takes the turn. The player who has scored more points wins the game from a pre-determined number of frames.

How to Bet on Table Tennis

Snooker Betting Tips

In snooker, the form of the players is essential for every event. Professional players go through many competitions, being under big pressure. It’s hard for them to maintain a perfect condition all the time. After every match, rankings are changing accordingly to the performance of the competing players. Odds are changing, too. That’s why it is crucial to study the players before a match, to know on who you want to place a bet. Study their style, performance, ranking, number of breaks, etc.

A valuable piece of advice for beginners is to start with small stakes and test the different bet markets. Another one is to place a bet on the ranked snooker player when he is playing against an unranked one.

Snooker is an unpredictable game, that somebody finds slow and boring, but it becomes very exciting when you get involved enough. 

Where To Bet On Snooker

Betting on snooker is fascinating for many reasons, and one of them is the player’s statistics changing all the time during an event and the surprising results that often happen. Snooker gives a wide choice of betting options, so if this is what you’re looking for, this sport is no doubt for you. But how to decide what is the best place for snooker betting? Lilibet Sportsbook is a place to consider because of the competitive snooker betting odds you’ll find, many markets and events to bet, and the seamless use of the platform. Register your account here and check the upcoming and in-play snooker matches. 

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