What if we said there was a way to almost guarantee profit? There are betting systems that mitigate risk when wagering online and when implemented correctly, can potentially lead to consistent profits. But what is a system bet? Read on the learn all about betting systems and how to implement profitable sports betting systems at Lilibet Casino.

What Are System Bets and How Do They Work? 

You’ve probably heard of accumulator bets – a multi-leg bet in which all selections need to be successful in order for the bet to be a winner – and a system bet is very similar. In essence, a system bet is a multi-leg bet in which only a few selections need to actually win in order for your bet to be successful. 

So how does a system bet work? A system bet is a betting series made from a number of individual bets – such as a 2 out of 3 (2/3), 2 out of 4 (2/4), and so on. For example, in a 2/3 system bet, 2 of the 3 legs must-win for the bet to be a winner. 

2/3 System Bet Example

Imagine betting on the Premier League:

  • Bet 1: Man Utd to win (2.0) and Chelsea to win (2.1)
  • Bet 2: Man Utd (2.0) and Man City to win (1.9)
  • Bet 3: Chelsea to win (2.1) and Man City to win (1.9)

Now imagine that Man Utd and Chelsea win, but Man City plays out a draw. 

  • Bet 1: Wins
  • Bet 2: Loss
  • Bet 3: Loss

If we wagered €10 or each bet we would have spent €30. Bet 1 payouts out €42. So, we end up with €12 in profit. 

man winning on sports betting

Types Of System Bets 

There are many betting systems, and they range from the very basic to the seriously complex. For example, a Goliath system bet consists of 247 possible combined bets, and a Super-Heinz system bet involves a combination of several system bet types.

Over time, punters can learn to place these complex system bets, but for now, we’ve picked 4 of the most common betting systems to better understand the concept of a system bet. 

  • Double – this is the easiest system bet. A double is simply a combination of two different selections in a single bet. Both must win to see a return. So, a bet on Man Utd to win and a separate bet on India to win a test match, for example. 
  • Treble – This is a combination of 3 single bets across 3 different events with only 2 winners required to win the bet when placed as a 2/3 bet. 
  • Patent – this is 7 bets placed on 3 different events. You’re basically looking to cover all the possible outcomes and aim to profit even if only a single leg is successful. 
  • Trixie – considered to be one of the easiest betting systems to win, the Trixie is 4 bets made up of a treble and 3 doubles from 3 different events. You could try an each-way Trixie on horse racing to get a win on not just a winning horse put for a place too. 
  • Yankee – so named as this type of bet was invited in the US. The Yankee system bet is 11 combinations made from 4 events. 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 accumulator bet with 4 legs make up a Yankee bet. Since the system bet consists of multiple bet types, you can still win if one of them lets you down and the others get up.

How To Calculate System Bets?

We’ll admit it. A system bet can be incredibly difficult to calculate. So, it’s understandable punters need a hand when working out their football betting systems or betting system for any other sport. Rather than try and wrap your head around the math, there is an easier way. 

Jump online and look for a system bets calculator. There are plenty of them available and they are all easy to use. Simply select your system, enter your stake, and input the odds for each wager. Select calculate and you’ll see the potential results of winning combinations and the total return if every bet gets up.

Are System Bets Profitable?

A system bet can be profitable. Betting systems aim to reduce risk when betting on sports. By covering more results, you can minimize losses. This can mean many betting systems result in small profits owning to losing bets within the system. However, with a bit of strategy and picking the right underdog, it is possible to see some seriously large paydays from a system bet. 

For example, in 1996, Darren Yates famously turned a £67.58 system bet into £550,823.

Pros & Cons of System Betting

There are quite a few obvious benefits to using a betting system and profitable sport betting systems can be implemented using any sport. However, like any strategy, there are a few downsides too. Check out the pros and cons of betting systems online. 


  • A return can be guaranteed
  • Can implement multiple betting strategies
  • Max winning limit is higher than a standard bet


  • Require much more financial investment
  • Welcome Bonuses typically exempt from system betting
  • Difficult to calculate for beginner punters

How To Start Using System Bets

Want to start system betting? The best place to start is at Lilibet Casino. At Lilibet, you can place every type of wager and develop betting systems that best suit your betting strategies. Want more exciting sports betting action? You can also enjoy live betting across a wide range of sports at Lilibet. Sign up today to access international sporting events with tons of exciting markets to cover. 




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