One of the most popular events in all online sports betting is tennis. The sport of tennis today originated in the late 19th century and now tennis is immensely popular all over the world. Played by millions of people around the world and watched by even more, we at Lilibet have the ultimate guide to tennis betting!

Tennis Betting Odds 

If you’re looking for the best odds for online tennis sports betting, then you need to be playing at Lilibet! The best odds will provide you with the most value for your bet. Ultimately, you are looking for odds that will provide you with the best return and accurately represent the probability of winning. 

That’s why Lilibet strives to provide the best odds for online sports betting. At Lilibet, you’ll find odds for loads of tennis markets such as match winner, set winner, over/under, and total points.

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5 Rules to Follow When Betting on Tennis 

By now you may understand the basics of tennis – players score points by hitting the ball over the net so that the opponent is unable to hit it back. Simple stuff! However, there are a few rules that will help you when sports betting on tennis.

  • Understand the scoring system

Whether it’s the US Open, the ATP finals, or the Davis Cup, every tennis match follows the same scoring system. The first player to six games will win the set and the player to win two or three sets will win the whole match. But to win a game, players score points in the form of 15, 30, 40. That means 1 point is 15 and if they score another point, it’s 30. This is important to know when thinking about sports betting on markets like the first set winner.

  • Do research

Remember you should never make an emotional bet. Completing research is key to successful tennis betting and for finding that high-odds winner. The tennis betting odds paint a good picture of who is likely to win but the result is far from certain. Learn which players perform better on different surfaces and who is in good form. Be sure to check statistics and past results from top tournaments like the Davis Cup, French Open, or Wimbledon. 

US Open Tennis 2021 Tournament Schedule

  • Determine value

If you have a way with math and probability, you could approach sports betting on tennis differently. You could research your own probability of a player’s chances of winning a game of tennis today. The sportsbook odds determine what the bookie thinks the probability of winning is – if the bookies’ percentage is lower than yours, then you’ve got a valuable wager on your hands!

  • Stick to what you know

There are quite a few types of tennis matches – Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Betting on any of the top tennis tournaments in 2021, you’ll see these match types. To increase your chances of maximizing profits you should stick to the types of tennis you are well-informed on. 

That might mean you only bet on men’s tennis or exclusively doubles matches. If you don’t recognize any of the players in a low-level tennis tournament, then it’s best to wait until a more prominent tournament such as the Australian Open. 

  • Gamble responsibly

The top tennis players at the US Open or Davis Cup might be chasing mammoth paydays, but that doesn’t mean you should too. One of the most important rules of sports betting on tennis – and any other sport – is to bet within your means. Lilibet is a promotor of safe gambling practices and recommends that you only wager what you are willing to lose and afford. 

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Tennis Betting Tips to Be Successful

 Want a little extra helping hand with online tennis betting? We’ve got a few extra pearls of wisdom that’ll help you when choosing how to bet on everything from the US Open to the ATP finals. 

  • Experiment with an accumulator. You can bet a minimum amount and get the best odds since your combined legs will drastically increase your total odds. You can even combine the accumulator with different sports – you could bet on the Davis Cup and football at the same time!
  • One of our secret tennis betting tips is to pay close attention to any star players that look to be underperforming. Imagine if a top-seed player like Roger Federer received an injury in his last match or just seems to be out of form. Betting on the underdog against him in a match could result in a big win!
  • Avoid chasing losses at all costs – this is one of our most important tennis betting tips. If you lost some money betting on the qualifying stages at Wimbledon, don’t bet on the finals if you can’t afford to do so. 

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Tennis Tournaments to Place Your Bets Now 

One of the best things about choosing the sport of tennis for sports betting is that matches are played all year round. There are plenty of tennis tournaments to enjoy with plenty of sports betting opportunities. The ATP tour features many different tournaments and finishes with the exciting ATP final. The Wimbledon and the French Open are among our favorite European tennis tournaments, while the Davis Cup, Australian Open, and WTA finals are brilliant international tournaments to bet on.

Right now, some of the world’s best players are competing in the US Open tennis tournament. 

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Best Sports Betting Site to Bet on Tennis Today

With the US Open tennis tournament for 2021 already underway and so many tennis tournaments played each year, now is the perfect time to join one of the best sports betting sites in the world – Lilibet! This handy tennis betting guide will help with making those very first wagers and before long, you’ll be an absolute pro at online sports betting.

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