With so many annual tournaments featuring hundreds of players and loads of exciting tennis betting markets, tennis is one of the most popular sports to wager on at Lilibet casino. However, with so many matches and markets, we can understand why some may ask themselves questions like what is set betting in tennis? 

At Lilibet, we have plenty of tennis experts on hand to talk all our new and experienced punters through some of the best tennis betting strategies and provide some key tennis betting tips. Next time you are looking at tennis betting odds at Lilibet think about these strategies too.

Key Factors for Betting on Tennis 

No one should even approach sports betting blindly. Whenever a punter considers a wager, it should be based on factors such as researched statistics and assessments of playing conditions. There are a number of key factors that punters can look for that will aid in their tennis betting success.

  • How good are the players – a simple question that must be asked. You’ll need to learn to identify the quality of players to determine not only winners but how many games will be played in a match. ATP or WTA rankings are an obvious place to begin but you should look up recent matches and watch tennis too.
  • Playing Conditions – whether US Open tennis betting or acting on hot tennis betting tips for Wimbledon, the match conditions can be crucial. Does a player prefer clay over grass courts? Is one player considerably superior in cooler weather than their opponent? These kinds of factors can influence the best tennis betting tips and can make all the difference in determining the length of a game or the overall winner. 
  • Form – overall success and skill is a great indicator of a top player but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stuck in rut. Throughout tennis history, there have been major upsets. Look at the recent form of both star players and young talent – you may be able to pick the perfect storm of an undervalued youngster with recent wins with a shot at defeating an unmotivated megastar with poor recent form. 


Handicap Tennis Betting Strategy 

This tennis betting strategy involves leveraging the advantage that one player has over the other and is typically referred to as “spread betting” in tennis. Handicapping involves balancing the chances of winning by placing an advantage or disadvantage on a player. In a handicap bet, you would generally place a head start on the underdog.

  • For example, a handicap of +2.5 would mean the player has a 2.5 game head start over the favorite. The strategy here is that if the match is quite close and the underdog loses, you may win the bet when the extra games are applied to the final score.
  • Another good tennis betting strategy with a handicap is to bet on sets in a match. Say you wager for the underdog with a set handicap of +1.5 – that means the underdog simply needs to win a set for the bet to be a winner and the only way the bet will lose is if the favorite completes a straight-set victory.

Betting on Totals Strategy 

Also known as betting on the over/under, this tennis betting strategy involves wagering on how many games a particular match will last. In most matches, you’ll expect to see 9 – 10 games per set and this is important to calculating this bet. This means you’ll need to determine how many sets will be in the match and how many games per set to decide whether you will tennis betting over or under a number of games – such as Under 39.5.

  • The best way to leverage this strategy is to look for matches where both players are particularly strong servers of the ball and could be classed as close to evenly matched. This will likely result in long sets with more games making an “over bet” an easier win.

Live Tennis Betting Strategy 

One of the most exciting ways to wager on tennis is via in-play tennis betting. In-play or live tennis betting involves wagering on the match as it is in play. The tennis betting odds are dynamic and can change as the state of the match changes. There are a ton of unique markets and tennis betting odds can swing in a different direction very quickly. 

Pre-match stats are going to be your best friend for preparing for an in-play tennis betting session. It’ll give you all the insights into how each player has fared during the tournament so far or the lead-up to it. 

  • The only tennis betting strategy we can offer for in-play tennis betting is to be well prepared and to watch the match as closely as possible. For some, this may involve watching the match live on TV, but for others, you can rely on the live stats provided by the Lilibet sportsbook during the match.

How To Start Betting on Tennis? 

The best way to start tennis betting online is to simply jump in! Select a single match from an upcoming tournament and research both players intently. Consider their recent form and the current tennis betting odds provided. Now, simply wager on the winner or – if you feel particularly confident – try some of the tennis betting tips provided above. 

At Lilibet Casino, all you need to do is head to the “Sports” section and choose “Tennis”. You’ll find events from all over the world and a huge range of markets. When it comes to tennis betting for the first time, Lilibet will certainly have you spoiled for choice.

Where To Bet on Tennis Online?

When it comes to tennis betting online, the best sports betting sites with a welcome bonus are the leading choices. Lilibet Casino and sportsbook is among the very best tennis betting sites in the world. With dynamic in-play tennis betting odds, loads of markets, and a super-intuitive interface, the Lilibet sportsbook is the ultimate platform for wagering on all the best tennis tournaments. 

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