Every sport has its greats. Players that transcend the sport, players that are push boundaries, and players that are simply prolifically successful. The sport of tennis is no different. Top tennis players have become household names and have become celebrities in their own rights. But which men’s player is the best tennis player in the world? We at Lilibet offer you our choice for the 10 top tennis players of all time.

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The Best 10 Men’s Tennis Players

Scour the internet and you’ll find plenty of best tennis player ranking lists – it’s a hotly debated topic for sure! There are many different ways to determine the best tennis player in the world. For example, you could base it off most wins, most prize money won, or just follow the best tennis player ranking from the ATP. 

Tennis Betting – An Ultimate Guide

We believe a combination of multiple categories is the best way to determine top tennis players from just famous tennis players. Here are our top tennis players list based on ATP rankings, win rates, and our expert assessment of their skills and performances.

  1. Roger Federer
  2. Rafael Nadal
  3. Novak Djokovic
  4. Roy Emerson
  5. Pete Sampras
  6. Rod Laver
  7. Bjorn Borg
  8. Andre Agassi
  9. Bill Tilden
  10. Ivan Lendl


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Can Tennis Betting Be Profitable?

Like sports betting on any event, with a bit of luck, preparation, and some good betting tips, tennis betting can be profitable. However, there are a few tennis betting tips and considerations to think about. Firstly, tennis betting won’t always be profitable – the fact is that sometimes you’re bet is going to lose. The trick is to gamble responsibly. That means not sports betting beyond your means and ensuring you never chase any losses.

If you bet responsibly, do your research of tennis betting tips, and have some luck, you may earn some tidy profits.

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Is It Easy to Bet on Tennis Matches?

Sports betting on tennis is super easy. Not only is using a sportsbook easy, but it’s also incredibly fast too. Bets at Lilibet can be made within seconds and you’ll get some of the best odds for tennis betting of any online casino.

  • Simply register an account at Lilibet and you’ll have access to all the tennis betting markets you can think of. Once your account has been funded, you’ll be free to make your first bets. 
  • Use the simple side menu to navigate to the sportsbook section. Look for your favorite tennis tournaments or search for one directly using the search function.
  • Choose a market from the sports betting window and nominate a stake amount. Confirm the bet in a single click and you’re all done! 
  • Now sit back and enjoy watching some top tennis players in action!

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Where To Bet on Tennis and Win Real Money?

When it comes to sports betting on your favorite tennis tournaments featuring the best tennis players the best online sports betting site is Lilibet. You’ll find the best odds for tennis betting on famous tennis players in the biggest tennis tournaments from around the world. Sign up to start betting on tennis today!

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