What is a Pro Gamer

Have you ever been so involved in playing video games that you considered pursuing a career as a professional player? Or you do not have any idea of what a pro gamer is?

A pro gamer is someone who is paid to play video games. Such gamers participate in e-sports tournaments, which is a form of competition using video games. Being a pro gamer is like a full-time job but in the gaming field. These high-level gamers are usually paid by their teams or by sponsors and compete in the biggest tournaments around the world.

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How To Become a Pro Gamer

Becoming a Pro Gamer requires lots of skills and in the first place motivation. Without it your chances of failure increase. Here are some ideas from us that might be helpful in deep-diving into the pro-gaming world.

  • Find Your Game

You need to find the game you enjoy the most and stick to it. It’s pointless trying to become the best in lots of games instead of mastering only one. Another thing to consider is what game you’re going to choose – a well-known and established one or an up-and-coming one. The good side of picking longstanding games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2 is the well-established structure, many supportive resources, big audience of dedicated players, and many tournaments with big prizes. But the breakthrough for newcomers is way harder. On the other side, choosing a new game give the opportunity to advance the meta and try different play styles. Our advice, before making the decision about what kind of game to choose, try a few and pick the one you love the most.

  • Join The Community

To advance your career in e-sports is not only about individual talent but also being part of a community with other players. Along with practicing your skills on a specific game find a time to communicate with other gamers and immerse into a community. This way you will have a better understanding of the road ahead of becoming a professional and if you’re ready to go on this journey. Also, being part of a community helps you to stay motivated and investing your time playing.

  • Practise

As with everything else in life, becoming a pro gamer requires dedication and practice every day. Focus on learning game specifics and mechanics until they are inherited in your muscle memory. Watching top players, videos and live streams also will be very helpful for building game habits.

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  • Connect With Other Gamers

Networking with other passionate gamers is almost as important as getting better at the game itself. Building relationships and joining gaming networks will help you learn useful tips and tricks and keep you motivated. Practicing together will grow your skillset as well.

  • Find A Team

When you start gaining the reputation of a serious player, the next step is to find a team. Playing along with other pros with different skill sets will be an extremely valuable experience and if you are a really good one the team will find you first.

  • Invest In Gear

To climb the ladder faster and becoming a pro it’s good to invest in good gear. You need to work in a harmony with the gear you’ve equipped to reach great results and be competitive. Choose a good gaming mouse that fits your hand during the long gaming sessions and a mechanical keyboard. When it comes to the monitor, pick up a model with a 1 millisecond response time and top specifications.


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